100 People Reaches Out After Being Listed Unaccounted In


Around 100 residents have reached out to authorities after their names had been listed in the unaccounted individuals following the deadly Maui wildfires early this month.

Maui wildfire

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Earlier, officials had released a list saying that a total of 388 residents have been considered as “unaccounted.”

After that, some residents have called to authorities to say that they are safe and secured.

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Validation goes on

The County of Maui continues to ask residents to cooperate in the identification of the remaining unaccounted victims of the massive blaze.

“The names on this list were compiled by the FBI and deemed validated if the first and last name of the unaccounted individual was listed, along with a verified contact number of the person who originated the report,” the County of Maui said.

Authorities urged the public that if they recognize a name on the list and they know that the individual is safe and secured, they should immediately contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation at (808) 566-4300 or as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, those searching for their missing loved ones and relatives may visit the Family Assistance Center (FAC), located at the Hyatt Regency’s Monarchy Ballroom (200 Nohea Kai Drive) in Ka’anapali.

So far, approximately 1,200 individuals have visited the FAC for assistance in locating their family members.

When it comes to the number of fatalities, the death toll already climbed to 115, with 99% of the Lahaina disaster area searched by officials and cadaver dogs.

Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is reviewing its policy to make sure it is helping as much as possible the families who have lost their loved ones amid the deadly blaze.

The FEMA said that eligible funeral expenses could include the cost of a casket or urn, funeral services and transportation of the deceased and/or up to two family members into the area to identify their loved ones.

Authorities continued to seek assistance from the survivors in identifying some bodies as they ask for their DNA samples. Officials guaranteed that the DNA samples are only for identification of wildfire victims and survivors, noting that they will not be stored or used for any other purpose.


Meanwhile, Governor Josh Green announced that an evacuation order had been issued for Maui Island for Anapuni Lp to West Mahipulu due to a brushfire.

“Evacuate your family and pets now, do not delay. Expect conditions that may make driving difficult and watch for public safety personnel operating in the area,” Green warned.

Firefighters have immediately responded in the fire scene and fortunately, they were able to stop the progress of the blaze.

No additional threats or evacuation order have been placed in the area.

In an advisory, the County of Maui said that while the fire situation has stabilized in the area and is not posing any active threat at this time, firefighters still remain vigilant and continue their work in Anapuni Lp to West Mahipulu.

So far, authorities did not lift the evacuation orders as they further advise evacuees to stay clear of the area until it is safe to return.

They said that residents would be advised when evacuation orders have been lifted.

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