Arkansas shelters report rise in animal abuse


Babygirl received over 30 stitches after being hit with a machete. An Arkansas shelter says she’s just one example of the rising animal abuse in the state.

MALVERN, Ark. — Animal rescue centers in Arkansas are packed to capacity, with most animals needing extra attention due to animal abuse.

Molly, also known as the Cuddle Babies Rescue’s “Little Fighter,” was recused by the organization and was a victim of neglect.

“When she came to us, she weighed 23 pounds and four ounces,” Cuddle Babies Rescue co-founder Kristie Hamilton said. “Today, she weighed 29 pounds and eight ounces.”

Cuddle Babies Rescue in Malvern said they saved Molly from an abusive owner who neglected, starved and de-hydrated her and her babies. 

“They can’t speak for themselves [and] they can’t feed themselves,” Hamilton said. “Someone has to step in and be the middleman, and we get Cuddle Babies. That’s what we do.”

Hamilton said the abuse didn’t stop there. Babygirl, another dog, has also seen her fair share of challenges from her previous owners.

“We got a call Saturday afternoon that a dog had been hit in the head with a machete and rushed to the vet,” Hamilton said. “She received 23 internal stitches and 13 external stitches.”

According to Hamilton, shelters across the state are seeing this type of abuse far too often.

“We are overwhelmed as every rescue in Arkansas is overwhelmed,” Hamilton said. “The need is great. These dogs and cats, they can’t speak for themselves.”

Malvern city attorney Cecilla Ashcraft said the city does not tolerate animal abuse.

“We are attempting to inform everybody that this is unacceptable,” Ashcraft said. “If it happens, we’re going to come. We’re going to do what we must to ensure that animals are taken care of here in Malvern because it is unacceptable.”

Arkansas law states any person found guilty or pleads guilty of cruelty to animals can be fined up to $1,000 or one year in jail. However, some people want to see more change in the current laws.

“I wish the laws were a little bit stronger in Arkansas because other than abuse, the main requirements are adequate food, shelter and water,” Hotspring County Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner said. “I would like to see a little more added.”

Hamilton said if they could save one dog from what Molly and Babygirl have gone through, it could change the world.

“We take every one of these animals to heart. They have our heart,” Hamilton said. “They don’t hold grudges, and it is precious to see something that is mistreated… back to healthy and then they get their adoptive home.”

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AG Daniel Cameron’s Office seeks death penalty for Steven


FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) — Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office is pushing for the death penalty for the man accused of killing Deputy Caleb Conley in May.

According to court records, Steven Sheangshang could be put to death if he is found guilty of killing Conley. Currently, Sheangshang is facing charges of:

  • Murder – police officer
  • Convicted felon in possession of a handgun
  • First-degree robbery
  • First-degree wanton endangerment (two counts)
  • First-degree persistent felony offender

The attorney general’s office said Sheangshang’s “act of killing was intentional and the victim was a state or local public official or police officer, sheriff, or deputy sheriff engaged at the time of the act in the lawful performance of his or her duties.”

If he is found guilty, per Cameron’s office, the Commonwealth will request the court instruct the jury on all penalties in accordance with the law, which would include death or imprisonment for life without the benefit of probation or parole.

Sheangshang pleaded not guilty to the above charges in late May.

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Osea Undaria Cleansing Body Polish Review


You know how your face requires a regular deep clean to prevent breakouts and clear out build-up? Your body needs one, too. Personally, I crave a head-to-toe reset year round, so an array of scrubs and polishes have a permanent spot in my shower. From looking to remove dead skin, flakes from sunburn (if my dermatologist is reading this—I am sorry), or prepping my skin for a fake tan, reaching for an exfoliant is just necessary.

As a result, I have become a body product aficionado. Osea, a vegan California based brand, already has a spot on my list of go-to’s because of their beloved Salts of the Earth Body Scrub. However, their newest launch takes a different approach to the same concept. Below, find the complete breakdown of their latest formula, the Undaria Cleansing Body Polish. Trust me, you are going to want to give it a try.

The Formula

Before we dive into all the details of what makes this product so unique, let’s first cover something that can even be confusing for me—the difference between a scrub and a polish. A scrub typically cleanses in more of a physical manner, hence the stereotypical chunky, grainy texture. A polish has a similar goal but usually has a softer consistency thanks to the added moisturizing benefits. For situations where I want something more intense, I tend to grab a scrub for that sensorial confirmation that I am really getting in there. When it comes to my regular body routine, I lean more on polishes as a form of regular maintenance.

One of my favorite things about the Osea Undaria Cleansing Body Polish is that the formula takes a dual approach to delivering smooth skin. It includes pumice, Undaria seaweed, and kiwi AHA-infused rice microparticles to offer both a physical and chemical exfoliant. This gives that immediate sensorial feel of a “polish” and a deeper level of cell turnover (special shout out to the alpha hydroxy acids). Of course, the main benefit here is exfoliation, but you’ll also find ingredients like glycerin and sunflower oil, which provide some major hydration.

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‘Disturbing’: Second whale struck by BC Ferries vessel this


Another humpback whale has been struck by a BC Ferries vessel on the northwest coast, the second this summer, the company confirms.

CEO Nicolas Jimenez said the whale was stuck by the Northern Expedition, which was travelling between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert on Tuesday evening.

It’s the same vessel that struck a first humpback whale on July 20 in Wright Sound.

“It’s disturbing, quite frankly,” Jimenez said at an unrelated Thursday press conference.

“We take these things really seriously because they happen so rarely, and I can’t stress that enough.”

Click to play video: 'New baby orca spotted in the waters near Tofino'

New baby orca spotted in the waters near Tofino

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) said it was aware of a potential Humpback w hale strike in the Fitz Hugh Sound on Aug. 29.

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The agency said it had notified local First Nations, researchers and NGOs in the area, which can monitor and report the injured animal if they se it.

It said the vessel operator was also cooperating with DFO.

The condition of the whale is unknown, Jimenez said, as the company is awaiting a report from the federal department.

“We’re seeing large populations of whales moving through these waterways,” he said.

“Our new protocol is to lower our vessel speed going through the areas where we are most likely to encounter whales, and even with and even with the mitigation measures put in place in an attempt to avoid the strike, it still occurred.”

The strike followed a near-miss that very same day, he added.

Click to play video: 'Photos of deer swimming with orca stuns social media users'

Photos of deer swimming with orca stuns social media users

Earlier this month, Global News reported that three humpback whales were stuck within a 10-day period on shipping routes near Prince Rupert and Kitimat between July 20 and 29.

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The first strike was on July 20 with BC Ferries’ Northern Expedition and the second was on July 21 with a boat taking workers to Alcan Rio Tinto’s Kemano hydroelectric dam.

The third happened in Hecate Straight on July 29 and involved a cruise ship.

Click to play video: 'Drone footage captures coordinated attack as orcas seen stalking, killing gray whales'

Drone footage captures coordinated attack as orcas seen stalking, killing gray whales

Commercial hunting of humpback whales was banned in the 1960s, helping bring the species back from the verge of extinction.

According to the Pacific Whale Watch Association, 2022 was a record-breaking year for humpback whale sightings in the Salish Sea. Nearly 400 individual whales were photographed over the course of the season — the highest number documented in a single year in at least the last century.

Despite the rebound, humpback researcher Jackie Hildering said “adaptation is needed” to keep the numbers headed in the right direction.

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“We have a second chance with a species at risk. When does that happen?” the Canadian Pacific Humpback Collaboration spokesperson said.

“This is not about blame. This is about learning and these accidents — these very unfortunate accidents — being about establishing a culture of openness, of communication, of learning.”

Click to play video: 'Whales struck by ships off B.C. Coast'

Whales struck by ships off B.C. Coast

Humpback whales migrate to warm water, but don’t all do it at the same time, she added. That means a humpback whale could be present in B.C. waters at any time.

It’s also difficult to determine how many strikes have occurred and what injuries have ensued, she explained, because the whales don’t travel in family groups and can be hard to find alone.

— with files from Darrian Matassa-Fung

&copy 2023 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Tanganyika Wildlife Park welcomes three new lion cubs to


Fouts said that ever since his parents opened the park almost forty years ago they dreamed of creating a world class breeding facility. Through the years they’ve grown and have bred tons of different endangered species but never had a lion litter. This is such a big deal because it is the last of the five major big cats they’ve never had babies of, showing their success.

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PETA Statement: Lake County Prosecutor’s Office Requests


For Immediate Release:
August 31, 2023

Brittney Williams; 202-483-7382

Lake Station, Ind. – The Lake County Prosecutor’s Office has requested that the Indiana State Police investigate the heat-related deaths of at least eight dogs who were being transported by FMK9 inside an unventilated box truck to a training facility last month. Please see the following statement from PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch:

Nothing can bring back the dogs who slowly baked to death inside an airless, hot truck, but this is a step in the right direction toward ensuring that those responsible for their terrible suffering are held accountable and that preventive measures are put in place to avoid a devastating repeat. PETA joined the Humane Society of Hobart and the Lake Station community in pushing for this third-party investigation and trusts that the Indiana State Police (which has previously purchased K-9s from this company) will proceed with due diligence, for the sake of the dogs, the public’s faith, and the law.

Nearly 20 dogs were apparently left to bake in 91-degree heat—a temperature at which the inside of a vehicle can reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes—while the driver sat in traffic for hours. According to reports, when he finally pulled over, several dogs were already dead—and although representatives of the Humane Society of Hobart were on the scene almost immediately, the Lake Station Police Department blocked them from assisting the distressed dogs, forcing rescuers who had access to multiple air-conditioned vehicles to stand by as dogs suffered. The police then allowed the driver to leave the scene with both deceased and live dogs unsecured in the open back of the truck. PETA has discovered that Lake Station Police Chief James Richardson apparently had an existing relationship with the owner and operator of the company that was transporting the dogs, Mike McHenry of FMK9.

In the weeks that followed the incident, PETA called out the Lake Station Police Department for censoring public comments calling for justice for the dogs. The group sent a letter to City Attorney Frank J. Koprcina and Richardson warning them that the department’s practice of deleting, hiding, and restricting critical social media comments about the incident was a violation of the First Amendment. The group also led supporters in a demonstration outside Lake Station City Hall, calling for an independent investigation.

PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way”—opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview. For more information on PETA’s investigative newsgathering and reporting, please visit PETA.org, listen to The PETA Podcast, or follow the group on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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About 121 Passenger Trains in China Suspended Due to


Typhoon Saola is expected to impact Southern China and Hong Kong this week. In China, about 121 passenger trains were suspended due to possible impacts of the Typhoon.

Typhoon warnings are also present in the affected regions to alert residents about the strengthening storm. The suspension of passenger trains is expected until September 6, reports showed.

China is no stranger to severe weather events, and one of the main concerns about Typhoon Soala is the flooding rainfall.

Typhoon Saola impacted China and Hong Kong

Typhoon Saola reached Taiwan

(Photo : by SAM YEH/AFP/GettyImages)
Typhoon Saola reached Taiwan. The latest weather forecast showed that China and Hong Kong could expect heavy rain conditions due to the developing Typhoon Saola

Reports showed that Typhoon Saola was tracked over the Southeast of Guangdong province (83 miles), moving northwest in South China See.

The Typhoon is expected to make landfall near the Guangdong city of Shanwei.

As it moves towards the Guangxi region this weekend, the forecast showed that Typhoon Saola could likely weaken in intensity.

Other than the transportation system, school activities and regional airports were suspended, waiting until the weather improved.

In Hong Kong, residents were preparing for the impacts of Typhoon Saola. People were advised to stay alert for possible impacts of strong winds and flooding rainfall.

Strong Wind Signal was also issued in parts of Hong Kong. High winds could damage roofing and trees and cause power outages.

Furthermore, Typhoon Saola is forecast to unleash storm surges that could cause rough seas and rip currents.

In the Philippines, Typhoon Goring brought severe weather conditions to the country. Challenging rain and strong winds also emerged in the parts of Luzon.

Preparing for Typhoon Saola

The latest weather forecast said that Typhoon Saola is forecast to bring heavy rainfall to parts of China this week. Chinese authorities and Hong Kong warned residents about the Typhoon’s developments.

China is no stranger to extreme weather events, and it is best to keep prepared to prevent the worst impacts of Typhoon Saola. Here are essential reminders to be safe from the storm.

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Stay updated with the forecast in China this week

Homeowners should stay alert for the latest forecast about Typhoon Saola, especially for people with travel plans this week. Heavy rainfall can cause severe flooding, resulting in slower commutes or travel disruptions.

It is also best to limit outdoor activities when the weather worsens. Flooded roads or streets could become dangerous.

Evacuate immediately

People near low-lying and flooded areas should monitor for rapid rise of floodwaters. Flooding could become possible this week, and people should immediately evacuate.

Keep emergency kits at all times

Flooding rainfall could result in inaccessible road conditions and widespread power outages. Homeowners must keep emergency kits or a small emergency kit they could bring to shelters.

The most recommended emergency kits are the following:

  • Battery-powered flashlight
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Bottled water supplies
  • Non-perishable goods
  • Medicine kits
  • Backup phone and power banks

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