Animal Adventure – Sqoosh2Poof – Jumbo Plush Character Compressed Inside Small Box – 54″ Elephant , Gray




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Sqoosh2Poof makes online shopping easier for parents and fun for kids. Each Sqoosh2Poof is jam-packed with sweet surprises and entertaining activities that are sure to delight the whole family from the moment of SQOOSH 2 the moment of POOF! By squeezing this giant plush into a 13.5”D x 17.5”W x 7.5”H box, we’ve done the unthinkable! Not only does this make for a super exciting unboxing experience, but you can now easily store away or hide this jumbo gift until the gift-giving moment. But the fun and laughs most certainly shouldn’t end there – watch your littles turn into their favorite Sqoosh2Poof character or mix and match the adorable cutout face masks for a fun time and even sillier photo-op! We have also included a fun word find and coloring pages for your little to enjoy while you wait for your Sqoosh2Poof to reach its full POOFtential either in the dryer or placed in a warm/dry spot overnight. For (almost) instant fun, we recommend using a dryer to poof your Sqoosh2Poof once it’s been released from its compression bag. A quick 10 minutes in your dryer on your lowest heat setting will do the trick! However, if a dryer is not easily accessible, a few big shakes and a flat surface in the sun and/or overnight for your Sqoosh2Poof to sit will also achieve the same results!  
The adorable Sqoosh2Poof family of giant plush stuffed animals will quickly become your child’s best friend and them to explore their imagination.
PERFECT GIFT: It’s the perfect birthday or holiday gift that will add even more fun to your kid’s bedroom or playroom!
MAGICAL SURPRISE: It’s all in the unboxing experience! You won’t believe that we squeezed this giant plush into this tiny box until you see it for yourself!
EASY 3-STEP POOF: 3-step POOF-proof method to ensure your jumbo plush has reached its full POOFtential once out of the box! All you’ll need is a dryer or a warm spot in the sun! Watch the how-to video to see the magic unfold!
ACTIVITIES WHILE YOU WAIT: Comes with fun activities to do while you wait for your Sqoosh 2 fully Poof! Additional items included: coloring booklet with word find and interactive, cutout facemasks.
AGE RECOMMENDATION: Sqoosh2Poof jumbos are suitable for children 3 years and older.
Sqoosh2Poof Jumbo Elephant: 54″D x 31.5″W x 28″H fits snuggly inside a 13.5″D x 7.5″W x 17.5″H box!


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