Papo Tigress with Cub Toy Figure Set Playset




Price: $9.99 - $8.50
(as of Feb 04,2023 08:48:05 UTC – Details)

Mommy Tigress is always on the alert for danger and frequently moves her young by carrying them in her mouth. Tigers often have several dens and move from one to the other as needed. To give birth, the Tigress finds somewhere private. The cubs are born blind and weigh almost a kilo on average. They are very vulnerable but can Count on the protection of their mother, who will later teach them how to hunt.
STIMULATES IMAGINATION – PAPO figurines enable children to invent new stories every day; They help develop their curiosity and stimulate their imagination
LEARNING SUPPORT – Children aged 3 and over can discover the world around them through the many animals and characters, which provide a fun and comprehensive entertainment medium
EXTREMELY DETAILED – Papo offers ultra-realistic figurines for real immersion in each universe; The accuracy of the postures, the faithful reproduction of the animal and the attention to detail really bring the PAPO figurines to life!
HAND PAINTED FIGURINES – All PAPO figures are hand painted to provide a very high level of detail and finish DISCOVER THE WORLD OF PAPO – Wild animals, sea animals, farm animals, horses, dinosaurs, knights, dragons, princesses, unicorns and much more….
FRENCH CREATION AND KNOW-HOW – All Papo creations are designed and developed in France, with the constant aim of providing a high quality play and learning medium.


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