About 121 Passenger Trains in China Suspended Due to


Typhoon Saola is expected to impact Southern China and Hong Kong this week. In China, about 121 passenger trains were suspended due to possible impacts of the Typhoon.

Typhoon warnings are also present in the affected regions to alert residents about the strengthening storm. The suspension of passenger trains is expected until September 6, reports showed.

China is no stranger to severe weather events, and one of the main concerns about Typhoon Soala is the flooding rainfall.

Typhoon Saola impacted China and Hong Kong

Typhoon Saola reached Taiwan

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Typhoon Saola reached Taiwan. The latest weather forecast showed that China and Hong Kong could expect heavy rain conditions due to the developing Typhoon Saola

Reports showed that Typhoon Saola was tracked over the Southeast of Guangdong province (83 miles), moving northwest in South China See.

The Typhoon is expected to make landfall near the Guangdong city of Shanwei.

As it moves towards the Guangxi region this weekend, the forecast showed that Typhoon Saola could likely weaken in intensity.

Other than the transportation system, school activities and regional airports were suspended, waiting until the weather improved.

In Hong Kong, residents were preparing for the impacts of Typhoon Saola. People were advised to stay alert for possible impacts of strong winds and flooding rainfall.

Strong Wind Signal was also issued in parts of Hong Kong. High winds could damage roofing and trees and cause power outages.

Furthermore, Typhoon Saola is forecast to unleash storm surges that could cause rough seas and rip currents.

In the Philippines, Typhoon Goring brought severe weather conditions to the country. Challenging rain and strong winds also emerged in the parts of Luzon.

Preparing for Typhoon Saola

The latest weather forecast said that Typhoon Saola is forecast to bring heavy rainfall to parts of China this week. Chinese authorities and Hong Kong warned residents about the Typhoon’s developments.

China is no stranger to extreme weather events, and it is best to keep prepared to prevent the worst impacts of Typhoon Saola. Here are essential reminders to be safe from the storm.

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Stay updated with the forecast in China this week

Homeowners should stay alert for the latest forecast about Typhoon Saola, especially for people with travel plans this week. Heavy rainfall can cause severe flooding, resulting in slower commutes or travel disruptions.

It is also best to limit outdoor activities when the weather worsens. Flooded roads or streets could become dangerous.

Evacuate immediately

People near low-lying and flooded areas should monitor for rapid rise of floodwaters. Flooding could become possible this week, and people should immediately evacuate.

Keep emergency kits at all times

Flooding rainfall could result in inaccessible road conditions and widespread power outages. Homeowners must keep emergency kits or a small emergency kit they could bring to shelters.

The most recommended emergency kits are the following:

  • Battery-powered flashlight
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Bottled water supplies
  • Non-perishable goods
  • Medicine kits
  • Backup phone and power banks

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