As Cape Cod sees the most dolphin strandings, a new rescue


As Cape Cod reports the most dolphin strandings in the world, an animal rescue group has opened a first-of-its-kind rehab facility to help save stranded dolphins and porpoises.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), a wildlife rescue and conservation organization, now has a new Dolphin Rescue Center in Orleans — a short-term rehabilitation option to give these mammals another chance at life.

“With the new facility, we aim to improve the survivability of stranded dolphins and porpoises,” said Brian Sharp, director of IFAW’s Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team.

“Cape Cod sees more instances of live mass strandings of dolphins than anywhere else in the world,” Sharp added. “Currently there are no such facilities for dolphins north of Florida, leaving IFAW staff to treat stranded animals solely in the field.”

For 25 years, IFAW’s Cape Cod-based team has been working to rescue, treat, and release marine mammals back into the ocean. But sometimes, treating dolphins only in the field isn’t enough to save them.

“To have a chance at survival, these animals require additional diagnostics, treatments and sometimes simply additional recovery time that can only be provided at a dedicated facility,” Sharp said.

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