Assam: One Tea Garden Worker Injured in Animal


MARIANI: In a very surprising development, a tea garden worker was injured in a suspected tiger attack in the state of Assam. The incident took place in Mariani of Jorhat district on Thursday.

The animal attack took place in a tea garden in Sonowal of Mariani. The victim identified as Suraj Panika was picking tea leaves when he was reportedly attacked by a tiger. He received injuries on his neck and was shifted to the medical facility in the tea garden where he was given proper medical treatment.

The family members and friends of the worker however complained that there was a long delay in the giving of the medical care to the victim.

Previously, wild elephants coming out of the nearby forest areas have wreaked havoc and triggered fear among the people of the Bihali region of Biswanath. They often damage the crops of the region as well as cause damage to life and property including valuable trees planted by the local people. In the most recent incident, a herd of wild elephants that came out of the Kaziranga National Park reached the locality at about 1:30 AM on Friday. They destroyed a few houses located in the Bahbari Pathar locality of the Behali region of the state. They destroyed the residences of Amar Bahadur Mirza, Nur Bahadur Ruchal and Bhagirath Biswakarma making all the families homeless.

Although a team from Borgaon Forest Department arrived later and managed to chase away the herd back into the forest, the people were still residing in fear of further attacks by wild elephants. The local people alleged that the government has on one hand evicted the farmers and cattle herders from the North bank of the Brahmaputra, and on the other, the wild elephants, tigers, and rhinos from the reserve forest continue to damage the crops and property of the farmers. They demanded that the government take immediate action to put an electric fence in place so that the animals of the park do not cause any harm to the life and property of the people of the region.

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