Astronomy Event 2023: Blue Moon, Full Moon Expected to


The latest report showed that a rare and bright blue moon is expected to shine this week in the night skies amidst the threat of hurricanes in the U.S.

It is not always that rare blue Moon could unfold in the skies. It is best that astronomy lovers should not miss the fantastic sightings this week. It can be seen around the world.

It is expected to shine on Wednesday night. The blue Moon is not blue in appearance or sightings. This year, the blue Moon is forecast to be the brightest.

It is considered a rare moon event because the Supermoon and Blue Moon could unfold in the skies every ten years. Meanwhile, the calendrical blue Moon could occur every 30 months.

Rare sightings of blue Moon in the night skies

Full Blue Moon in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

(Photo : by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Full Blue Moon in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Astronomy lovers can expect a rare blue moon this week amidst the threat of Hurricanes in parts of the U.S. People who want to witness the rare Moon should check the weather.

According to the latest forecast, the blue Moon could be very bright worldwide. It will appear like a supermoon, giving astronomy lovers a beautiful view.

The reports explained that people could see two types of blue Moon: seasonal blue and calendrical blue. The Calendrical Blue Moon is known as the second full Moon that happens in a month.

Astronomy lovers in the United States must deal with severe weather conditions due to Hurricane Idalia. Americans should keep updated with weather forecasts to view the rare supermoon better tonight.

How to better capture and view the super rare Moon

Viewing the blue Moon is rare because it doesn’t show. While the weather could affect the best viewing options, people can still see the Moon in the night skies.

Here are essential reminders for astronomy and moon lovers waiting for the best sightings of the rare Moon.

Always save the astronomy or moon events

The rare blue Moon is expected this Wednesday (August 30, 2023). People should save the day on their calendars or mobile phones as the supermoon can unleash a beautiful view of the Moon.

Check the latest weather forecasts

Like other astronomy events, cloudy weather conditions could likely affect the sightings. It is also best to stay at home when the weather worsens.

Bring your camera with a power bank.

Because the blue Moon is considered a rare event, a camera with a power bank would be helpful to capture the best views of the Moon this week.

View with your family members or loved ones

Viewing the night skies will be memorable if you have a loved one with you or a family member. The Moon will be an exciting appearance that can’t be viewed yearly.

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Moon facts that you should know

According to reports, the Moon may have been bright, seeing from Earth, but the surface of the Moon is known to be dark. It can experience strong quakes.

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