Attracting wildlife to your land, Union Co 4H offers help


Enoree, S.C. (WSPA) – Many people will begin to grow food on their land to try to attract wildlife for their viewing pleasure or to harvest hunting. Union County 4H and its partners at Clemson Extension can offer some tips to make it a success.

Mark Cathcart with Union County 4H said an annual food plot is a planting of small grain or row crops for wildlife on rural land.

It can enhance wildlife survival and improve the wildlife habitat by providing readily available food, especially during bad weather. 

4H recommends that you make sure to plant the appropriate amount of seed, for example, 1/2 – 5 acres seeing as one pheasant needs approximately 1 bushel of corn for a 5-month period, while one deer needs approximately 8 bushels. 

Experts recommend planting more for the winter. Planting of the plot should be early enough in the year to ensure the maturity of food plants.

More information can be found at the following links:

Click here for information and registration for the 4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project.

Click here for Clemson’s HGIC website on wildlife management.

Click here to NRCS, food plot fact sheet and the Clemson Ext offices in your county. 

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