Petition: Help Dogs in Charleston, South Carolina

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PETITION TARGET: Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and Charleston City Council

Dogs kept confined to chains for their entire lives in Charleston, South Carolina, can suffer horrifically — including being left 24/7 without adequate food, water, or shelter while also forced to endure extreme weather or other dangers.

Innocent dogs chained around the country have been found dead from heatstroke or dehydration in the summer, and they’ve frozen to death in the winter. 

They’ve died from strangulation or been injured by tightened and tangled tethers that cut into their necks or limbs. They have high exposure to disease-carrying insects such as ticks, mosquitos, and fleas. Chained dogs also are vulnerable to aggressive wild animals or free-roaming dogs who might attack them, or cruel people who could seriously harm or kill them.

These innocent animals are forced to urinate and defecate in the same area where they eat and sleep, and they often live in filth.  Dogs trapped at the end of a chain also are denied basic dog behaviors, like running in the park, going on walks, or forming relationships with their guardians.

But now there is new hope for Charleston’s dogs.  The city is currently reviewing its animal cruelty rules, and officials are considering making tethering dogs illegal. Although the exact language of the proposal has not yet been released, it’s crucial that lifesaving legislation banning constant tethering is passed.

Dogs are sensitive and social beings who suffer physically and psychologically when they’re kept in solitude at the end of a chainCities all over the country, including Asheville in North Carolina, Newport News in Virginia,  Athens in Georgia, and most recently Georgetown, also in South Carolina,  have ordinances in place that ban keeping dogs chained up outside.

Chaining dogs is cruel and irresponsible — and it’s time Charleston takes a stand against this preventable suffering. 

Sign our petition urging Charleston officials to help save lives by banning chaining and tethering in the city!


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Break the Chain Template Letter

Note: Fill in the blue with the relevant information, and visit your town/city website to determine which city officials to send to. Sending via email to your mayor, sheriff, and councilmember (if applicable) is a great first step. If you are located outside of official city limits, you can reach out to the electeds of the county. 

Dear Mayor/Councilmember/Sheriff/etc. LAST NAME:

Greetings! My name is FIRST NAME, and I’ve been a resident of NAME OF CITY/TOWN for the past # years/months. I hope you are well.

I’m reaching out to inform you about National Unchain a Dog Day coming up on August 8th, to bring attention to the dogs who suffer–and sometimes die–at the end of a chain. I hope you will help dogs in NAME OF CITY/TOWN on August 8th and beyond by banning chaining and tethering in the city/town.

As you may know, dogs trapped at the end of a chain are denied basic needs, like exploring their surroundings, going on walks with their families, playing fetch in the park, and more. They are often left out 24/7 in all types of weather—including heat advisories, snowstorms, hurricanes, and more. Dogs are social animals, but when they are confined to the end of a chain they are forced to live in solitude.

Dogs have died at the end of a chain across the country. In Knoxville, Tennessee, two dogs were killed after they were unable to reach food or water, and in Lee County, Florida, one Pitbull broke her teeth and was strangled after attempting to free herself from a painful chain. If there has been a chained dog death in your city/town, please add it here.

I  hope that NAME OF CITY/TOWN will help prevent needless deaths by banning chaining and tethering under all circumstances and to remind citizens that dogs belong inside with their families—not tied up in the backyard. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

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Help Shut Down the Dog Meat Trade and Live Markets in Sumatra!

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PETITION TARGET: Sumatran Government

Dogs forced into sacks with their mouths strapped shut, then violently killed. That’s what a Lady Freethinker investigation into the dog meat trade in Sumatra, Indonesia found, along with cruelty to birds, turtles, lizards, and other animals sold for food at live animal markets. 

The dogs are rounded up from the streets or stolen from home, or are sometimes sold by their owners. They’re transported all over Sumatra— many die from stress and heat exhaustion. Then they’re killed by having their throat slit while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain. According to Sumatran organization Toba Animal Friends, who worked with LFT on the investigation, dogs are also stabbed in the heart or burned alive.

In the bustling tourist city of Samosir, LFT’s investigator saw dogs openly killed, and their charred bodies on public display.

At the live markets LFT investigated, live turtles were crammed into small buckets, and one climbed on top of dead, dismembered turtles nearby. A lizard who had tried to escape had her mouth tied shut and legs together, and a snake’s head was taped. At an exotic pet market, bats were seen stuffed in small cages, despite the risk of disease spreading. 

During the investigation, the mayor of Medan—North Sumatra’s capital and largest city—circulated a letter banning the dog meat trade. However, even after the ban, our investigator witnessed cruelty to dogs throughout the city. 

Live markets are incredibly cruel to animals and a huge threat to public health. According to the Center for Disease Control, 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic in origin, which means they started in animals before jumping to humans.

Filthy live markets are perfect breeding grounds for new diseases, and as long as we continue to stuff sick and stressed animals in cages stacked on top of one another, and kill them in bloody meat markets, animals will continue to suffer and we risk starting the next pandemic.

Please sign this petition to urge the Sumatran government to shut down all live markets and ban the dog meat trade statewide!

Special thanks to photographer Aaron Gekoski, videographer Marie Lozano, and Sumatran NGO Toba Animal Friends

Dog Meat Trade

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