Babysitter Abandons Two Children to Run From Police


A Tennessee babysitter is facing criminal charges after she allegedly fled from police officers conducting an animal welfare check, leaving the children she was watching unattended. 

Police officers were initially called to a home in West Knox County, to check up on a female pitbull that was tied up outside, with no water or shelter, on a 96-degree day, according to WVLT.

Officers spoke to Amanda Leighann Jones, who was babysitting two children inside the home. Jones, 38, gave the dog water, while the police were conducting the check.

While conducting the welfare check, the officers asked Jones to show her identification. Jones initially refused but then relented, WVLT reported. 

“I began to walk back to my truck to verify the information she gave was valid, when [another officer] yelled ‘she’s got warrants,’” one of the officers wrote in a police report.

“I turned around and she had run.” 

The officer decided to remain with the now unattended children, instead of pursuing Jones. 

Other officers began to search for Jones but were unable to find her, according to WVLT. 

Jones was charged with cruelty to animals and resisting arrest, although it is unclear if she was taken into custody. She also has warrants for carjacking, vandalism and aggravated assault, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. 

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