Viral video shows dog being dragged behind car, suffers multiple fractures

As the number of dog bite cases across the country is increasing, several cases of animal abuse against dogs are also being reported as retaliation for the biting incidents. Another such incident has been reported from the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

The incident of animal abuse has been reported from Jodhpur, where a car could be seen dragging a dog behind it through a leash. According to social media claims, the person who was driving the car is named Dr Rajneesh Gwala from Jodhpur.

According to the tweet posted by a social media account named Dog Home Foundation, the dog suffered multiple fractures after this incident. The video shows a car being driven while the dog is being dragged behind through a leash, where he is struggling to keep up.



This comes as several media reports have claimed that the mass killing of dogs is being conducted in Kerala after a surge in dog bite cases across the country. Visuals from Kerala show several dogs being slaughtered on the streets, and being hanged from lamp posts.

Over the past few months, India has seen a surge in the number of cases of dogs attacking pedestrians or their own family members. In July this year, a pitbull dog killed his elderly mistress in Lucknow. This incident was discussed across the country. 

Later in the year, a pitbull dog attacked a child who had suffered multiple grave injuries and had to get over 200 stitches on his body. Then in Panvel, a video of a German Shepherd dog attacking the delivery boy’s private part and injuring him went viral. Meanwhile, in Kozhikode, Kerala, a child was bled to death by a stray dog.

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Animal lovers stand up to animal cruelty and domestic violence in first ever “Walk Against Abuse” Fundraiser

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.- Animal lovers united at Elings Park Sunday afternoon to stand up to animal cruelty and domestic violence.

This was the first ever Walk Against Abuse. It’s a fundraiser that supports pet families exposed to domestic violence.

The funds will go to Safe Haven, a C.A.R.E.4Paws program that provides anonymous boarding and foster care for pets of domestic violence survivors.

This recently founded program makes it easier for pet owners to leave abusive partners and seek emergency shelter through Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County without having to worry about what will happen to tier pets.


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Leicestershire RSPCA inspector says rise in reports of animal abuse on social media is ‘worrying’

The RSPCA has seen reports of online abuse rise
The RSPCA has seen reports of online abuse rise

Reports of animal abuse on social media have more than doubled in the past year.

Animal charity the RSPCA says there were 756 reports on social media last year compared to 431 in 2020.

Chief inspector for Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, James Lucas said: “It is very worrying we are seeing more reports of animal abuse being posted on social media for likes and kudos.

“These videos are often accompanied by laughing emojis or silly comments, it is normalising – and even making light of – animal cruelty.

“It’s worrying that people who wouldn’t ordinarily see animal cruelty are being exposed to it online. Not only could it encourage other people to do the same but it creates a society that has become desensitised to some of the most horrific acts of cruelty to animals which is a backward step for us as a nation of animal lovers.”

One high profile case saw a footballer kick and slap his cat. The incident was captured on video and uploaded to Snapchat. Two cats were seized by police and examined by a vet before being rehomed. Last month the case concluded and two men were sentenced.

A report by the RSPCA shows a fifth of people had witnessed animal cruelty online in the last 12 months – some 11.5million people in the UK.

On social media almost half have seen abuse on Facebook, followed by 20 per cent on YouTube and Twitter, 11 per cent on TikTok and 10 per cent on Instagram.

RSPCA social media manager Tess Macpherson-Woods said: “Managing the RSPCA’s social media accounts is both extremely rewarding and heartbreaking. We’re sent an awful lot of upsetting and graphic content, but only our national cruelty line can task jobs to inspectors, so all we can do is provide advice and encourage people to call them.

“We’ve managed to track down animal abusers by sharing appeals for information on social media which is just the best feeling. While a poor animal has suffered, knowing you’re part of a team that will do its best to rescue, rehabilitate and seek justice for them makes the upsetting part of the job worthwhile.”

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Animal abuse investigation underway after 5 dogs rescued in Clark County

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – An animal abuse case is under investigation in Clark County. On Sunday, police seized five dogs found in horrific conditions: abandoned, starved, left in a cage, and covered in feces and fleas.

“When animals come in that are in this condition, they require nearly round-the-clock care. Two of the dogs were hospitalized within the first 48 hours,” Adreanna Wills told FOX 56. Wills is the director of the Clark County Animal Shelter. It’s a problem she sees far too often.

“Well it absolutely is draining and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that there were tears shed when there are situations like this here,” she said.

Since arriving at the shelter, the dogs have already gained three pounds. They’ll be on a special diet as they continue to regain strength. Wills speculates the father of the dogs will be ready for adoption in about a month’s time, but for the puppies it will be a little longer.

“It’s a pretty tedious process to get animals back to where they need to be in just regular feedings and when they are in this condition it takes a long time for their body to build back up,” she said.

As for the investigation, charges are expected but at most will be a misdemeanor. Efforts to up that penalty in Frankfort to a felony have not gone far in the General Assembly, with the most recent attempt, House Bill 20, not making it to a vote in the 2022 regular session.

“There’s never a reason that an animal should be made to suffer like these animals have. We are available to take in any unwanted animal in Winchester or Clark County,” Wills said.

There are medical costs and pricy special food associated with the pups’ recovery and donations are needed.

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! Murcia Today – Horrifying Case Of Animal Abuse Uncovered At Murcia Horse Farm

Date Published: 15/09/2022

Warning: some of the images in this report may be distressing. Reader discretion is advised.


Dozens of starving animals were discovered amongst the rotting corpses of other horses on the Murcia property

Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
The Guardia Civil in the Region of Murcia has uncovered one of the worst cases of animal abuse unimaginable, at a horse farm located in the central Murcia town of Monteagudo. Operation ‘Bucéfalo’ was established following a complaint by an Alicante resident that the animals were living in deplorable conditions and when investigators conducted a search of the property, they were met with unspeakable horrors.


A total of 35 horses, donkeys and ponies were living in filth on the farm, all half-starved and suffering from a multitude of ailments. But the most shocking aspect is that they were sharing their yard with the decomposing bodies of 13 other horses.


Not only was this extremely dangerous for the surviving animals, who could easily contract diseases from the corpses, but the property posed a serious risk to people as well, situated as it is very close to residential houses.


Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm


Investigators from the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) checked the microchips and passports of all the animals, dead and alive, and found that the farm had registered 71 equines, of which 19 were unaccounted for. The owner of the farm couldn’t provide any documentation to confirm their death, sale or transport to another property.


The remaining equines were being blatantly neglected: the premises lacked even the most basic hygiene and feeding facilities and the animals were left to survive on leftover lettuce, resulting in malnutrition and intestinal problems.


Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm


To prevent any further harm, the owner was ordered to immediately hire an authorised management company to correctly dispose of the dead horses.


Seprona has begun proceedings against the owner of the farm, who will be charged with the crime of animal abuse for failing to adequately care for the living equines and failing to dispose of the corpses of the dead ones.



Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm


He will also be charged with a number of other offences, such as neglecting to provide appropriate veterinary attention, updating the census, communicating the death of an animal to the corresponding authorities and failing to correctly deal with the equine remains. These crimes alone constitute fines of between 60,001 and 1,200,000 euros.


Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm
Horrifying case of animal abuse uncovered at Murcia horse farm


Images: Guardia Civil

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Having Survived a Near-Death Experience, Alexa Carlin Shares Her Story Through Her Voice in “Adaptable” Audiobook – Music Industry Today

Having Survived a Near-Death Experience, Alexa Carlin Shares Her Story Through Her Voice in “Adaptable” Audiobook – Music Industry Today – EIN Presswire

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