Did Your Favorites Win a 2023 Libby Award?

Every year, animal rights organization Peta2 hosts the Libby Awards to recognize and celebrate the best cruelty-free and vegan products, as well as memorable moments that have made a positive impact for animals. The awards showcase the growing popularity and success of the cruelty-free and vegan movement, highlighting the innovation and compassion behind these products and initiatives. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this year’s winners, including the favorite cruelty-free beauty product, the most craveable vegan snack, and the best viral moment for animals.

Favorite Cruelty-Free Beauty Product. The beauty industry has seen a significant shift towards cruelty-free and vegan products in recent years, with more and more brands recognizing the importance of animal welfare. This year’s winner for the favorite cruelty-free beauty product is [Product Name]. This exceptional product not only delivers outstanding results but also aligns with the values and ethics of conscious consumers. Its cruelty-free status ensures that no animals were harmed or tested upon during its production, making it a top choice for those seeking ethical beauty options.

Most Craveable Vegan Snack. The popularity of veganism has led to a surge in delicious and innovative plant-based snacks. This year’s winner for the most craveable vegan snack is [Snack Name]. With its mouthwatering flavors and guilt-free ingredients, this snack has won the hearts and taste buds of vegans and non-vegans alike. Its recognition in the Libby Awards highlights the increasing demand for satisfying and cruelty-free snack options that cater to a wide range of dietary preferences.

Best Viral Moment for Animals. In the age of social media, viral moments have the power to raise awareness and make a lasting impact. The best viral moment for animals this year goes to [Moment Name]. This powerful and heartwarming event captured the attention of millions, shedding light on the importance of animal rights and inspiring change. From heartwarming rescues to inspiring stories of animal advocacy, these viral moments play a crucial role in creating a more compassionate world for animals.

The Peta2 Libby Awards serve as a platform to recognize and celebrate the best cruelty-free and vegan products, as well as impactful moments for animals. The winners of this year’s awards showcase the incredible progress being made in the cruelty-free and vegan movement, highlighting the increasing demand for ethical and compassionate alternatives. As more consumers embrace cruelty-free options, the industry continues to evolve, offering a wide range of innovative products that align with our values. Through initiatives like the Libby Awards, Peta2 encourages individuals to make conscious choices that promote the well-being of animals and contribute to a more compassionate world. So, whether you’re looking for the best cruelty-free beauty product, a mouthwatering vegan snack, or want to be inspired by viral moments for animals, the Peta2 Libby Awards are a great resource to discover and celebrate the best in cruelty-free and vegan products and initiatives.


Poetic rendition of Merah Putih, Seminyak, Bali in ode


The cultural, emotional, and sensory aspects of the human experience are reflected by food as an effective metaphor in literature. Let’s read some ode style poems that will describe the dishes from the menu of Merah Putih, Seminyak, Bali.


In Bali’s heart, where flavors unite,
Merah Putih’s treasures in the soft tropical light.
Jangkang, a dish of spice and fire,
In each fiery bite, it takes you higher.

Pangsit Tahu and State Tempe

Pangsit tahu, a harmony of taste,
With tofu and dumplings, a culinary embrace.
Sate tempe, with flavors so bold,
A vegetarian delight, a tale to be told.

Bak Pao Sapi and Rawon Buntut

Bak pao sapi, a beefy surprise,
Steamed and savory, it delights the eyes.
Rawon buntut, oxtail in a flavorful blend,
In rich, dark broth, its flavors ascend.


Batagor, a street food sensation so grand,
With peanut sauce, it’s a taste of the land.
In ode to these flavors, we celebrate and cheer,
At Merah Putih, where tastes hold dear.

An ode is a lyrical and often elaborate form of poetry that expresses deep admiration, praise, or celebration of a person, object, event, or abstract concept. Odes typically have a formal structure and a reverential tone.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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Your guide to 30 of the best Autumn experiences in Ireland


Viral footage of whales breaching off the Irish coast have been appearing on Instagram feeds all summer. 

But did you know autumn is the best season of the year to experience our largest marine life? 

September and October are the months when many species like humpbacks migrate through our waters with crisp, still autumn days offering some of the best chances of a sighting.

Tours available, with tickets at €60 from:

A taste of cider in Armagh’s apple orchards

Armagh is Ireland’s very own apple country so the harvest season makes the perfect time to explore the Orchard County. 

A smattering of scenic cider farms in the area offer visits, from a blossom-to-bottle tour at Ballinteggart Farm to an afternoon at Long Meadow Cider where you can even bake some traditional griddle bread dolloped with homemade apple chutney.

Stay in a house, a very big house in the country

Staying at a country house is always a dream but when that Virginia creeper starts to redden and the first fires of the season start to crackle, there’s something even more atmospheric about a stay. 

Collections such as Hidden Ireland and Ireland’s Blue Book have some dreamy properties: some of my favourites include Carrig House, in Kerry, Kilmokea House, in Wexford and Roundwood House, in Laois.

Take a walk around Doneraile Estate

For Downton vibes — but without the heating bill — a visit to a country estate always makes an inviting autumn activity. 

Some of my favourite spots open to the public include Westport House, in Co Mayo, and Castletown House, in Co Kildare, while Doneraile House, in North Cork, is a wonderful spot with its manor tours and parkland walks. 

Afterwards, enjoy afternoon tea at the Townhouse Café in Doneraile village.

Limerick plays home to Ireland’s national contemporary art exhibition

EVA, Ireland’s contemporary art biennial has returned for its 40th edition this year and is running in venues from a cathedral to a vegetarian café in Limerick City and beyond. 

The theme for EVA International this year is Citizenship and curator Sebastian Chicocki has created a guest programme featuring over 50 artists from Ireland to Ukraine.

Pictured at the Cork Opera House, Bricknasty brought the crowd to their feet as they kicked off the first night of the 2022 Guinness Cork Jazz Festival. Pic: Naoise Culhane Photography
Pictured at the Cork Opera House, Bricknasty brought the crowd to their feet as they kicked off the first night of the 2022 Guinness Cork Jazz Festival. Pic: Naoise Culhane Photography

Jazzmatazz and forward-facing sounds for Cork’s October Bank Holiday

October means jazz in Cork with the 45th edition of the famous festival taking place in the city from Oct 26-31. 

You can expect performances from top billing artists like Macy Gray, Morcheeba and Corinne Bailey, as well as all genres of jazz from avant-garde to bebop everywhere from the Cork Opera House to St. Lukes.

Hit the roads of Ireland and go antiquing

Love your interiors? And the open road? 

Then why not combine both with a weekend road trip to source the ultimate souvenir. 

Antiques have never been more in demand with the shift from fast furniture and whether you’re seeking a dream Davenport or simply a willow pattern cup, you’ll find a trove of options for various budgets. 

  • Check out the Gaiety Antique and Vintage store in Westport for inspiration.

Go mushroom-picking in Co Offaly

If you’d like to elevate your risotto game this autumn, pack the boot up for a mushroom picking excursion with a foraging expert Mary Bulfin (aka Wild Food Mary), in Co Offaly, who offers wonderful guided tours through the foothills forest of the Slieve Blooms where you’ll learn about everything from hedgerow herbals to native chanterelles. 

Tours include a lunch made from foraged ingredients and take place throughout the weekends of October.

Oktoberfeis melds the craic with the famous German festival

No, that ain’t a typo. Oktoberfeis is the Irish take on the famous Bavarian festival. 

But instead of Pils and pretzels, revellers can expect tankards of Irish stout, trad music, great local grub and an eclectic mix of craic. 

The event will be travelling across the island during September and October weekends with venues including the RDS in Dublin, the INEC in Killarney and Cork’s Rochestown Park Hotel.

Legendary artist Lavery celebrated in Dublin

For art lovers, the highlight of the autumn programme at the National Gallery in Dublin this year is Lavery. On Location. 

The exhibition in the Beit Wing will showcase the people and locations depicted by renowned Irish painter, John Lavery. 

Keep an eye out for his magnum opus, The Bridge at Grez

Food festivals are in the ascendant all over the country

The harvest season means a smorgasbord of food festivals taking place around the country throughout October and September. 

The fEast Cork festival is buzzing this very weekend in Midleton; in Meath, food lovers can indulge at Sheridans Irish Food Festival (hosted at the cheesemongers’ HQ in Kells on Sep 24), while one of the nation’s most lively events, The Dingle Food Festival, takes place Sep 29-Oct 1.

Púca Festival, Trim, Co Meath
Púca Festival, Trim, Co Meath

A festival in Ireland’s ancient capital, for a shape-shifting spirit at Samhain

Named after the shape-shifting spirit which appears during the Celtic new year, Púca is one of the biggest Halloween events in the country and takes place in Trim and Athboy in Co Meath.

This four day celebration of Samhain (Oct 27-31) will feature everything from contemporary Irish music to seanchaí storytelling all in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East.

Wexford Festival Opera is classically created – for everyone!

Whether you’re an opera aficionado or you don’t know your soprano from your baritone, The Wexford Opera always rolls out the red carpet to all guests. 

Along with gala concerts, daytime events packages include two recitals including lunch and an afternoon pocket opera. 

Spike Island’s transformation continues with after-dark tours

Spike makes a top destination at any time of the year, but come autumn this legendary island’s After Dark tours take the experience next level. 

From Cobh, you’ll travel to the island to experience a fully guided tour through the abandoned cells and ramparts of this former fortress and prison. 

Don’t miss the last boat home!

Enter the Marble City with a trip to Kilkenny Castle

The medieval streets of the Marble City are particularly magical at this time of year, not least when they lead you to Kilkenny Castle. 

The 13th century fortress features various exhibitions, guided tours while its parkland features acres of land for walks and they even host a 5K run every Saturday morning.

Boyne Valley Flavours Festival, Co Meath
Boyne Valley Flavours Festival, Co Meath

A Samhain celebration for the senses in the Boyne Valley – the ancient heart of the island

Celebrating all things Celtic and culinary, past and present, the Samhain Festival of Food & Culture takes place in the bountiful Boyne Valley from Nov 2-5. 

The event features demos, tastings, a food safari, and cooking workshops for children, while long table suppers and panel discussions include notable voices of the Irish food scene. 

Add visits to the Hill of Tara and Newgrange to the itinerary.

Take a Murder Mystery Tour at Dublin’s National Wax Museum

Who dunnit? You’ll find out by channelling your inner Poirot this autumn at The National Wax Museum in Dublin. 

The self guided murder mystery tour is an immersive experience, exploring the museum and wax figures of famous murders before solving the crime. Suitable for ages 16+.

Retail therapy abounds in Kildare Village

Ireland’s largest outlet centre where you can shop for some seasonal plaid while sipping a pumpkin spice latte from the on-site Starbucks. 

Make a day of it with a visit to the Japanese Gardens at the National Stud and Newbridge Silverware’s Museum of Style Icons while Hartes in Kildare is a great spot for dinner.

See the turning of the leaves in Co Wicklow

Okay, Ireland may not be New England when it comes to its autumn foliage but there are many pockets of deciduous woodland in Ireland for pretty epic leaf-peeping. 

None more so than Beyond The Trees Avondale in Co Wicklow where you can admire the kaleidoscopic colours of oaks and beech from their lofty treetop walk.

Head along the river on the Shannon Cruise

The Shannon Erne cruising season operates until the end of October with autumn offering far more competitive rates than peak summer season. 

Operators such as Emerald Star offer boat hire from Portumna and Carrick-on-Shannon.Three-night hire rates from €304, based on a three-berth vessel — a pretty good deal and timeline to explore Lough Derg.

Hike and climb your way around Ireland’s mountain ranges

Whether you’re thinking of braving the Comeraghs, the Galtees, or even the McGillycuddy Reeks, autumn often delivers wonderful hiking conditions of great weather and fewer tourists.

Kerry Climbing has a full events calendar in autumn with guided hikes to Carrauntoohill and Torc Mountain.

For a more moderate level, there are walking gatherings happening across the country too.

The Skibbereen Walking Festival (September 22-24) has outings for all abilities while the Ballyhoura Walking Festival takes place from October 6-8.

See the best of the silver screen at Cork and Kerry International Film Festivals

The red carpet will be rolling out on Leeside for the 67th Cork International Film Festival (November 9-16). 

For the first time, the festival expands to also include the county, its prestigious awards will feature an inaugural Best New Irish Feature category. 

Elsewhere in Munster, the Kerry International Film Festival takes place in Killarney from Oct 19-22.

Belfast plays host to art from around the world during BIAF 2023

A weekend in Belfast is pretty tempting this autumn with competitive hotel rates and both the Belfast International Arts Festival (Oct 12-Nov 5) and the 23rd Belfast Film Festival (Nov 2-11) taking place in the city. 

BIAF welcomes a new season of contemporary arts and culture in dozens of venues across the city and will showcase international and homegrown artists in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature and film.

Pic: iStock
Pic: iStock

See the red deer clashing and locking horns in Killarney

Nothing says autumn like our national mammal, the red deer, appearing amid a scene of rusting ferns ands grasslands. 

Home to Ireland’s purest herd, Killarney National Park makes the perfect habitat to spot the animals with autumn being the time of year when stags lock antlers during the dominance-asserting rut. 

The Knockreer area of the national park is one of the best locations to spot the animals — just don’t stray from the walkways.

Grab your binoculars and go birding around the country

Grab the wellies and binoculars as autumn is an excellent time for birdwatching, be it as a family outing or as a seasoned twitcher. 

Along with nesting residents, many migrating birds visit Ireland at this time of year, from black-tailed godwits from Iceland to Brent geese from Arctic Canada. 

BirdWatch Ireland is an excellent resource on all the best bird-watching spots across the country, from Cuskinny Nature Reserve in Cobh, to Loop Head in Clare for some epic seabird watching.

See what glows in the dark as you kayak on Lough Hyne

Kayaking on West Cork’s most famous lake has become a bucket list pursuit for outdoors enthusiasts over the last decade. 

The lough is synonymous with its bioluminescence caused by the plankton in its waters glowing in a hue of blue in the right conditions and September and October are two of the best months of the years to experience it. 

Atlantic Sea Kayaking offer guided trips for €75.

Greywood Arts on Culture Night
Greywood Arts on Culture Night

Celebrate arts, music and culture everywhere in Ireland this Culture Night

September means Culture Night in Ireland, and come dusk on Friday, September 22, expect to find events popping up in cities, towns and even villages across the country. 

Greywood Arts Studios, in Killeagh, Co Cork, are hosting a Go Gallivanting evening where participants embark on an immersive tour of the village and help poet Kelly Mullins generate text as she creates her work live. 

The evening culminates with a live music performance.

Oyster season in our seaside cities and towns

Shucks away! The return of the ‘R’ months signals the season for shellfish lovers to neck back fresh oysters from the Irish coast. 

To savour some, attend the Galway Oyster Festival (Sep 22-25), enjoy an oyster farm tour with Sligo Oyster Experience or a shucking session at Flaggy Shore Oysters in the Burren. 

Or simply enjoy a helping of Joe Harty’s oysters at the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore.

Alright Pumpkin Patch, Co Meath
Alright Pumpkin Patch, Co Meath

A spot of Americana in Ireland’s pumpkin patches

Okay, picking turnips may be a more historically sound activity for Ireland, but this Instagram-friendly American tradition has been taking root across the country in recent years as a popular family pursuit. 

Options include the Galway Pumpkin Patch, Alright Pumpkin Patch in Meath and Joe’s Farm in East Cork. 

Some options even include corn mazes.

Fireworks at Derry Halloween
Fireworks at Derry Halloween

Halloween in the walled city of Derry

Derry is home to Europe’s largest Halloween celebration (apparently Salem, Massachusetts takes the global honours) with over 100,000 revellers descending upon the city annually for its much-hyped spooktacular. 

This year’s festival (Oct 28-31) includes the Awakening the Walled City Trail featuring a cast of real-life ghouls. 

Hotel beds are snapped up quickly for this event so now’s a great time to book.


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5 vegetarian shawarma recipes you will love


5 vegetarian shawarma recipes you will love


September 08, 2023 | 01:56 pm
2 min read

Shawarma is an important dish in the Middle Eastern cuisine (Photo credit: Flickr)

One of the most loved recipes in Middle Eastern cuisine, shawarma is a sandwich or wrap dish that originated in the Ottoman Empire.

It is usually made with bread like pita or laffa and is stacked with marinated protein, pickles, and delicious sauces like garlic yogurt or hummus in a cone-like shape.

Here are five fantastic vegetarian shawarma recipes that you can try.

Paneer shawarma

Mash some paneer. Add coriander powder, garam masala, cumin powder, and red chili powder, and toss the paneer with this mixture.

Heat a grill pan, and roast small paneer patties on both sides.

Keep aside for about five minutes. Make some chapatis using wheat flour.

Spread mayonnaise on top of the bread, add the paneer patties and roll it out. Serve with mint chutney.

Mushroom shawarma

Mix smoked paprika, nutmeg, cinnamon, ground cloves, and turmeric.

Add tahini, lemon juice, agave nectar, salt, ground cumin, and garlic. Add some water and whisk until smooth and creamy. Add chopped mushrooms and onions and mix well.

Spread the marinated mushrooms in a baking tray and roast for 10-15 minutes. Place the mushrooms inside warmed-up pita bread and serve.

Vegan shawarma

Add warm water to dehydrated soy curls and let them rest for 10 minutes. Drain and squeeze any excess water.

Whisk together fresh lemon juice, minced garlic cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, salt, paprika, red pepper flakes, and ground cumin. Add the soy curls and stir well. Refrigerate for one hour.

Fry marinated soy curls and serve in pita bread with lettuce, pickles, tahini, and tomato.

Jackfruit shawarma

Drain and rinse jackfruit, then shred it.

Saute sliced onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil until soft.

Add the jackfruit and cumin, paprika, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, and pepper, and cook until it’s well-seasoned.

Warm pita bread, add jackfruit, and top with yogurt-based sauce and fresh herbs. Roll it up and enjoy your flavorful, vegetarian jackfruit shawarma wrap!

Falafel shawarma

Prepare falafel by blending chickpeas, garlic, onions, herbs, and spices. Shape into balls and fry until golden.

Warm some pita bread, spread hummus or tahini and add veggies to it. Insert the crispy falafel and drizzle with more sauce.

Optionally, include hot sauce or pickles. Roll into a wrap and savor the delightful mix of flavors and textures in your homemade falafel shawarma.

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DRACULA was a VEGETARIAN?! You won’t believe that and the


Valeriya Udalova, the head of the Russian cryo-preservation firm KrioRus, believes that those bidding to come back to life will be thawed out in the coming decades. The expert revealed that 94 people are housed in frozen chambers at the company’s base in Moscow – most of whom have been stored there since the early 2000s. Udalova said: “Many animals can go into anabiosis – some can freeze and thaw. For example, worms, frogs and Siberian angler fish. “And, remarkable experiments have already been made, for example on reversible cyro-preservation of a rat kidney.” She added: “Rapid development of cryobiology of large objects – organs and animals – is hindered by extremely low funding of this branch of science.”


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MitoSculpt Reviews: Does It Work? What They Won’t Say


Many women begin to struggle with weight loss when they hit 30 simply because a lipolysis process of burning fat slows down with age. Another factor that affects lipolysis is stress and high cortisol levels.

MitoSculpt is a natural remedy that helps melt stubborn fat and support quality sleep. The formula contains fat-burning ingredients that increase energy levels and reduce stress.

Here is a detailed MitoSculpt review that will tackle every aspect of the product.

What is MitoSculpt?


MitoSculpt is a safe dietary supplement that supports healthy sleep and weight loss. It contains eight science-backed ingredients that help eliminate stubborn fat within six months without a restrictive diet or regular exercise.

The formula works by activating lipolysis and opens a fat-burning freeway. It eliminates even the deep-rooted fat stores and prevents the formation of new fat cells. MitoSculpt promotes calmness and relaxation, which improves sleep quality. It eliminates insomnia, poor energy, and fatigue.

MitoSculpt helps break down fat while you are sleeping. It speeds up your sluggish metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels. The formula is specially designed for women above 35 years who struggle with weight loss due to age and high stress levels. The weight loss remedy helps fight stress anxiety and improve mood.

The natural remedy contains science-backed ingredients free from fillers, GMOs, dairy, gluten, fillers, and watered-down ingredients. Therefore, there is no risk of harmful side effects. Each batch of MitoSculpt is triple-checked for purity, quality, and consistency of elements.

The manufacturer creates confidence by providing a 180-day money-back guarantee that allows users to get a complete refund if the product fails to deliver the desired results. MitoSculpt is formulated in an FDA-compliant and GMP-certified facility in the United States to preserve quality and undergoes third-party testing.

MitoSculpt: Try it now, you won’t be disappointed!

How Does MitoSculpt Work?

According to research, sleep affects weight. People with enough sleep are less likely to become obese or overweight. When you sleep, the body activates lipolysis, breaking stored fat down and turning it into energy. It is challenging to attain lipolysis due to stress and lack of sleep. According to a post by Openanesthesisa, “Lipolysis occurs to help fuel the metabolic demands in the stressed state by breaking down triglycerides at peripheral adipose tissues into free fatty acids and glycerol.”

Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes weight gain. When you have high cortisol levels, it slows down lipolysis. Stress reduces your body’s natural ability to burn fat. Mitochondria control lipolysis and determine how much fat you will burn when sleeping.

Aging builds roadblocks along the fat-burning freeway, which makes it impossible for fat to reach the mitochondria. The powerful MitoSculpt formula contains nutrients that help unblock the fat-burning freeway, stimulating lipolysis.

MitoSculpt works by addressing what is believed to be the root cause of obesity and overweight. Some ingredients in MitoSculpt have calming properties that promote relaxation, therefore causing proper sleep and reducing stress and anxiety. Low stress levels mean low cortisol production and a clear fat-burning freeway.

Click here to get all the details about MitoSculpt >>>

The Ingredients in MitoSculpt

MitoSculpt contains eight natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to support weight loss and a regular sleep cycle. The components work effectively without restrictive diets or regular exercise. The ingredients are hand-picked and tested for purity, potency, and quality.


Guggul is an Ayurveda ingredient native to India. It is rich in bioactive compounds that promote weight management and reduce cholesterol levels. Guggul helps support lipolysis by unlocking your body’s fat-burning freeway.

It supports the breakdown of fat, reduces hunger and craving, and controls ghrelin and leptin hunger hormones. According to studies, Guggul can help remove extra fat cells and lower flight response.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) improves sleep quality by promoting calmness and relaxation. It enhances lipolysis and the melting of fat in the body. GABA is responsible for lean muscle formation and reduces body fat and triglyceride levels.

A study revealed that GABA promotes healthy weight loss and stimulates growth hormone production. It also controls the production of cortisol and improves overall health.


Melatonin is mainly used in enhancing sleep quality. It can cause significant weight loss when used in the right amount. Melatonin supports weight loss by increasing the activity of brown adipose tissue, which helps generate heat and burn calories. It regulates blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity and reducing fat storage.

According to the makers of the MitoSculpt supplement, melatonin helps transform fat cells into a particular type that gets easily broken down through lipolysis. Additionally, melatonin can assist in flushing out toxins and excess fat cells in the body and support the conversion of calories into energy.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is responsible for managing appetite, stress, and anxiety, regulating gene activity, and dealing with fatigue and insomnia. The ingredient eliminates fat accumulation in the body and helps deal with flight response. Valerian root is rich in quercetin and hesperidin antioxidants that reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases and fight oxidative stress.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other inflammation-related diseases. Valerian root can help lower emotional eating and give you a sense of tranquility.

MitoSculpt Is On Sale Now For A Limited Time!


L-tryptophan is an amino acid that promotes rest, relaxation, calmness, and sleep. It has appetite-suppressing compounds that make you eat less, thus supporting weight management. The amino acid helps reduce sugar cravings and regulate mood and metabolism.

It regulates leptin and cholesterol levels and regulates the production of serotonin neurotransmitters. Tryptophan can enhance cognitive function and overall health and wellness.

Lemon Balm Extract

Lemon balm extract is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that reduce stress, digestive issues, and inflammation and promote healthy metabolism. A study found that lemon balm extract could reduce waist circumference, BMI, and overall weight.

The extract has calming and relaxing properties that induce sleep. Lemon balm reduces fat formation and regulates appetite for optimal weight loss. Studies revealed that lemon balm can help reduce stress and prevent emotional eating.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower helps promote the burning of excess fat and reduce cravings. It supports the production of GABA, which promotes relaxation and calmness. Passion Flower can reduce cortisol, regulate blood sugar levels, and stimulate metabolic processes.

It increases the melting of fat in the body by unclogging the fat-burning freeway. Passion Flower has antioxidant properties that promote overall health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


Chamomile is a soothing ingredient that helps relax the body and mind. Its calming properties promote better sleep quality and reduce stress and anxiety. Chamomile can help soothe digestion and eliminate bloating and indigestion.

It contains flavonoids and terpenoids that reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and activate the AMP enzyme for cellular metabolism. Chamomile increases your appetite, so the body will burn fat when you are hungry.

Limited stock – order now by clicking here!

The Benefits of MitoSculpt

  • Improve sleep quality– An irregular sleep cycle causes fat accumulation and increases stress. It affects the body’s natural ability to process and absorb food. The formula contains high doses of melatonin that enhance deep and peaceful sleep, switching off your flight response. Chamomile and lemon balm help relax the mind and body, thus inducing sleep.
  • Reduce food cravings– MitoSculpt helps lower cortisol levels, which reduces food cravings. High cortisol levels increase food cravings and appetite. Consuming fewer calories causes weight loss.
  • Enhance metabolism– Many people struggle with weight loss due to sluggish metabolism. The natural ingredients in the MitoSculpt formula increase your natural metabolic activity, enabling you to burn excess fat even while sleeping.
  • Increase energy levels– better sleep quality equals high energy levels and productivity throughout the day. MitoSculpt ensures you attain REM sleep and helps release energy by breaking down fat and calories.
  • Regulate mood– irregular mood negatively impacts your weight. MitoSculpt supplement provides mood balance by reducing stress and anxiety and boosting energy levels. The formula also offers cortisol hormone and other hormones that control mood.
  • Support digestion– One of the significant causes of weight gain is improper nutrient absorption. MitoSculpt increases your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients from food. It reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to poor digestion.
  • Control blood sugar and cholesterol levels– imbalanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels can potentially lead to indigestion and affect weight loss. MitoSculpt helps normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Enhance cognition– MitoSculpt contains ingredients that support alertness, memory, and focus. It helps both physical and mental performance as your body goes through the changes.

Click here to order your supply of MitoSculpt now and start enjoying its benefits!

How to Use MitoSculpt

MitoSculpt dietary supplement contains 60 vegetarian capsules. The manufacturer suggests two capsules of MitoSculpt daily at night, 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

According to the website, you will experience positive changes within a week. The formula will restore your usual 8 hours of sleep and make you feel lighter. Consistent use, regular exercise, and a healthy diet will enhance your chances of faster weight loss. Use the revolutionary weight loss solution for at least 3-6 months for best results.

MitoSculpt is ideal for all women of all ages and body types who struggle with weight loss. It delivers positive results with zero side effects. MitoSculpt contains 100% pure ingredients free from fillers, dairy, GMOs, gluten, soy, chemicals, and stimulants.

Take caution before using MitoSculpt if you are below 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a pre-existing medical condition. Exceeding the recommended MitoSculpt dosage can cause a risk of harmful side effects.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other weight loss formulas, MitoSculpt is exclusively accessible on the official online store at discounted prices. You can choose sample or long-term packages and still get the best offers in the market.

MitoSculpt price options are as follows:

  • One bottle of MitoSculpt at $59 per bottle + shipping fee;
  • Three bottles of MitoSculpt at $49 per bottle + shipping fee;
  • Six bottles of MitoSculpt at $39 per bottle + free shipping.

The manufacturer gives you the confidence to invest in your weight by promising a 180-day refund policy that guarantees a 100% refund if you don’t see any results after six months of using the MitoSculpt supplement. You can email the customer support team at:

  • or call 1-561-468-3108


MitoSculpt is a powerful dietary supplement that increases fat-burning and promotes better sleep. It has 100% plant-based and science-backed ingredients that increase energy levels, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and increase the absorption of nutrients.

The sleep-enhancing formula promotes healthy weight loss without exercise or a restrictive diet. It reduces emotional eating, appetite, and sugar cravings. MitoSculpt helps improve mitochondrial function and reduce stress and anxiety.

MitoSculpt is suitable for older women who struggle with weight loss, lack of sleep, and high stress levels. It contains pure ingredients free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, additives, and chemicals. MitoSculpt is a vegan-friendly and safe supplement that undergoes thorough third-party testing to check for ingredients’ purity, potency, and quality.

Melissa and Ashely, the founders of MitoSculpt, claim to have helped hundreds of women to shed excess fat. Ashley claims to have lost 37lbs in three months.

Visit the official MitoSculpt to enjoy the total body transformation >>>



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8 Fun Ways to Serve Cauliflower! – Jazzy Vegetarian


My husband loves cauliflower. Once, he came home from the market with copious amounts of cauliflower and I knew I needed to come up some jazzylicious cauliflower recipes . . . and fast! Over the years I have created some colorful and satisfying recipes for this cruciferous wonder, and I am excited to share eight of them with you today!

Cauliflower Steaks with Sweet Pepper Sauce – My husband loves cauliflower. Once, he came home from the market with copious amounts of cauliflower and I knew I needed to come up with a new cauliflower recipe . . . and fast! The result is this colorful, impressive, and satisfying Cauliflower Steaks with Sweet Pepper Sauce recipe that is ideal to serve throughout the year.
Mini-Cauliflower Bites – These enticing Mini-Cauliflower Bites make an excellent side dish for just about any meal. I have even used them in place of French fries to accompany a vegan burger.
Roasted Cauliflower Cutlets with Lemon-Caper Sauce – This satisfying Roasted Cauliflower Cutlets with Lemon-Caper Sauce recipe makes sophisticated use of the humble cauliflower, giving it some serious wow factor! Easy to double or triple, this recipe makes a fancy weeknight main dish or elegant entrée for a party.
Creamy Cauliflower Soup – Steamed cauliflower harmonized with almond milk and other savory seasonings makes for a Creamy Cauliflower Soup that will prompt your diners to query, “Is there any dairy in this soup?”
Red Potato and Cauliflower Mash – This mash-up is an easy spud recipe to serve as a hearty side dish for any weeknight supper. “Steam-boiling” the cauliflower and spuds makes it easy to mash them right in the pot, saving on clean up time.
Pretty Paprika Roasted Cauliflower – A punch of spice dresses up this Paprika Roasted Cauliflower recipe, while roasting it brings out the sweet, rustic flavor of nutritious cauliflower, a sometimes-shunned veggie. The olive oil may be omitted from this dish, but it does add a pleasing pop of flavor and texture.
Laura’s Cauliflower Rice – When I see organic cauliflower on sale or find it freshly picked at the farmers market, I like to make Laura’s Cauliflower Rice. Simply shred the cauliflower and briefly cook it, making a satisfying substitute for brown or white rice.
Over the years I have created some colorful and satisfying ways to prepare cauliflower. It’s a delicious, cruciferous wonder! I hope you will try these jazzylicious cauliflower recipes.


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Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl Recipe – Love and Lemons


This Mediterranean quinoa bowl is a delicious weeknight dinner or healthy lunch! Great for meal prep, it’s packed with veggies, chickpeas, and more.

Mediterranean quinoa bowl

Quinoa bowl recipes are some of my favorite easy meals to toss together for a healthy lunch or weeknight dinner. I love them because

  • They’re customizable. You can change up the quinoa bowl toppings based on what you’re craving or what you have on hand.
  • They’re great for meal prep. Cook the quinoa and mix up a tasty sauce over the weekend. Then, quickly assemble quinoa bowls all week!
  • They’re super satisfying…not to mention tasty! I fill my quinoa bowls with protein-packed quinoa, fiber-rich veggies, and big drizzles of a flavorful sauce. It’s the ultimate combination of healthy and delicious.

You can put almost any vegetable, protein, or sauce in a quinoa bowl, so I encourage you to try to making your own. But to get you started, I’m sharing my go-to Mediterranean quinoa bowl recipe below, plus tips for customizing it and making it ahead. It’s a staple in my kitchen. Whether you follow it to the letter or totally change it up, I hope it becomes one in yours too!

Quinoa bowl recipe ingredients

How to Make These Quinoa Bowls

This Mediterranean quinoa bowl starts with simple, fresh ingredients:

  • Cooked quinoa, of course! Any type of quinoa works well—white, red, black, or tri-color.
  • Spiced roasted chickpeas – Along with the quinoa, they pack this bowl with plant-based protein. They also add delicious crunch!
  • Cherry tomatoes and Persian cucumbers – For a veggie punch! If you can’t find Persian cucumbers, English cucumber is a great sub. If regular cucumber (not Persian or English) is your only option, peel and seed it before adding it to the bowls.
  • Avocado – For creamy richness.
  • Garlic yogurt sauce – This sauce is SO easy to stir together—no food processor or blender required! It’s a bright, creamy combination of Greek yogurt, garlic, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice.
  • Pickled red onions – For a bright pop of flavor.
  • Fresh parsley and mint – They make this quinoa bowl super flavorful and refreshing.
  • And Aleppo pepper flakes – They add a touch of heat. Can’t find them? Regular red pepper flakes work here too!

To assemble, fill a bowl or meal prep container with a base of quinoa. Then, add the chickpeas, vegetables, avocado, and drizzles of the garlic yogurt sauce. Top with pickled onions, fresh herbs, and pinches of Aleppo pepper. Season to taste, and enjoy cold or at room temperature.

Find the complete recipe with measurements below!

How to Cook Quinoa

If you’re new to cooking quinoa, don’t let it intimidate you! Preparing it is very similar to cooking rice on the stove. Here’s how I do it:

  • Rinse the quinoa, and place it in a saucepan with water. (I use 1 3/4 cups water for every 1 cup of quinoa.)
  • Bring the water to a boil, reduce the heat, and cover the pot.
  • Simmer for 15 minutes, or until the water is absorbed.
  • Remove the pot from the heat and let stand for 10 minutes.

Fluff the quinoa with a fork, and enjoy! For more detailed instructions, check out my post on how to cook quinoa. Or try cooking quinoa in the Instant Pot!

Chickpeas on baking sheet with spices

Make-Ahead Tips for This Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl

This Mediterranean quinoa bowl recipe is great for meal prep!

Start by cooking the quinoa, making the yogurt sauce, and roasting the chickpeas. Then, assemble bowls in meal prep containers with the quinoa, roasted chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, and pickled onions.

Store them in the fridge for up to 4 days, and store the sauce in a separate container in the fridge. When you’re ready to eat, drizzle on the sauce, and add the avocado and fresh herbs. You’ll have the BEST weeknight dinner or quick lunch.

**Wait to add the avocado and fresh herbs until right before serving so that they don’t wilt or brown in the fridge.**

Spiced roasted chickpeas on baking sheet

Customize Your Quinoa Bowl

I love this recipe as written, but feel free to make it your own! Here are a few easy ways to change it up:

Let me know what variations you try!


Make it vegan. For plant-based quinoa bowls, replace the garlic yogurt sauce with tahini sauce or hummus.

This recipe is naturally gluten-free.

Quinoa bowl recipe

More Grain Bowl Recipes

If you love these healthy quinoa bowls, try one of these grain bowl recipes next:

Crazy for quinoa? Try my Mediterranean quinoa salad, quinoa burger, or quinoa breakfast bowl next.

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Serves 4

This Mediterranean quinoa bowl features fresh veggies, creamy avocado, spiced chickpeas, and protein-packed quinoa. A garlic yogurt sauce ties it all together, and fresh herbs and pickled onions take it over the top. It’s a delicious weeknight dinner or healthy lunch!

Prevent your screen from going dark

  • Cook the quinoa according to this recipe.
  • Meanwhile, make the smoky chickpeas: Preheat the oven to 425°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  • Place the chickpeas on the baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with the smoked paprika, cumin, salt, and cayenne. Toss to coat and spread evenly on the baking sheet. Roast for 20 to 30 minutes, or until golden brown and crisp.

  • Assemble bowls with the quinoa, smoky chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. Top with pickled onions, mint, and pinches of Aleppo pepper. Drizzle with garlic yogurt sauce and serve.


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Roti Rice Rate Report: Veg Or A Non-Veg Thali, Which One Is


The report said the prices of thalis could drop in September as tomato retail price has halved month-on-month to Rs 51 per kg. (Representative image)

The report said the prices of thalis could drop in September as tomato retail price has halved month-on-month to Rs 51 per kg. (Representative image)

The cost of a non-vegetarian thali rose 13 per cent year-on-year.

Higher tomato prices pushed up the cost of vegetarian thali by 24 per cent in August compared to the year-ago period, according to a report.

The cost, however, eased marginally when compared to July, Crisil Market Intelligence and Analytics monthly ‘Roti Rice Rate’ report said on Thursday.

In August, the cost of a vegetarian thali declined marginally month-on-month on a high base and was elevated year-on-year for the second time this fiscal, primarily because of firm tomato prices.

The cost of a non-vegetarian thali rose 13 per cent year-on-year, it added.

Of the 24 per cent rise in the vegetarian thali cost, 21 per cent can be attributed solely to the price of tomato, which rose 176 per cent year-on-year to Rs 102 per kg in August compared to Rs 37 per kg in the same month last year, the report said.

As per the report, for non-vegetarian thali, the increase was less as the price of broilers, which contributes to more than 50 per cent of the cost, is estimated to have risen a moderate 1-3 per cent year-on-year.

A 17 per cent decline in the price of vegetable oil and 14 per cent in potatoes in August as against the year-ago period, cushioned the cost of both thalis to an extent, it said.

The report said the prices of thalis could drop in September as tomato retail price has halved month-on-month to Rs 51 per kg.

Also, the cost of a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder, which was Rs 1,103 in August, has been cut to Rs 903 from September, could provide more relief to consumers, it added.

(This story has not been edited by News18 staff and is published from a syndicated news agency feed – PTI)


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