Celebrities React to the Sounds of Animal Experimentation

A group of celebrities, including Theo Rossi, Emilio Rivera, and Kate del Castillo, were left horrified after witnessing the cruel practices of animal experimentation on film. The footage they watched documented the conditions of animals being tested on in research facilities, highlighting the brutality of the process. The celebrities were reportedly moved by what they saw, and expressed their disgust at the lack of compassion shown towards these innocent animals. Often, they are subjected to painful procedures, kept in cramped cages and denied access to basic needs. As public figures, they hope to use their platform to raise awareness about animal experimentation and encourage people to support cruelty-free research methods. They call for lawmakers and researchers to prioritize the welfare of animals in the medical field and for alternatives like computer modeling and cell cultures to be employed.

16 Celebs Taking Action Against Experiments on Animals | PETA

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