Collin County DA not pursuing the death penalty in Billy


Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis says he will not seek the death penalty for convicted killer Billy Chemirmir.

Willis’s office made the announcement Thursday, saying Chemirmir had already been convicted of murder twice and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“Billy Chemirmir is an evil person who preyed upon our most vulnerable citizens. Although he is certainly deserving of a death sentence, my decision today is informed by the fact that he has already been tried three times in another county and he will never be a free man again,” Willis said in a statement.

Chemirmir has been accused of killing nearly two dozen people in Collin and Dallas counties over a 2-year span and, so far, has been found guilty twice. His first trial, for the murder of Lu Thi Harris, ended in a mistrial. Chemirmir was later convicted of the murder charge.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot said in 2021 he planned to try and secure two convictions before dismissing the remaining cases.

Before Thursday, Willis had not announced what he planned to do with the nine capital murder indictments against Chemirmir in Collin County. While he said Thursday he won’t pursue the death penalty against Chemirmir, his statement didn’t clarify if he intended to secure convictions or dismiss the cases.

“Chemirmir has already been found guilty of capital murder by two separate Dallas County juries and is now serving two prison sentences of life without parole. My decision was made in consultation with the families of the Collin County victims and in light of the recommendation of the senior prosecutors in my office,” Willis said. “I would like to thank the families and loved ones for their patience and grace as the criminal justice system has played out over the years. I pray that they may one day find peace.”

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