Cooper Barnes Teams Up with PETA Kids to Be a Superhero to Animals in 2024!

Actor Cooper Barnes, best known for his role in Danger Force, has joined forces with PETA Kids in a heartwarming new ad campaign that encourages kids to channel their inner superheroes and become advocates for animals. Through this collaboration, Cooper hopes to inspire young minds to take action and make a positive difference in the lives of animals everywhere.

In the ad, Cooper Barnes emphasizes the various ways in which children can be heroes to animals, highlighting simple yet impactful actions that can make a world of difference. From rescuing insects to leaving animals off their plates, Cooper encourages kids to explore the many ways they can show compassion and empathy towards animals in their daily lives.

Here are a few ways Cooper Barnes suggests kids can make 2024 a super year for animals:

  1. Rescuing Insects: Whether it’s gently guiding a lost bee out of harm’s way or creating a safe haven for butterflies in their backyard, kids can play a crucial role in protecting insects, who are vital to our ecosystem.
  2. Adopting a Shelter Pet: Cooper emphasizes the importance of adopting pets from animal shelters instead of purchasing them from breeders or pet stores. By giving a loving home to a shelter animal, kids can save a life and provide a second chance to a furry friend in need.
  3. Choosing Cruelty-Free Products: Cooper encourages kids to make compassionate choices when it comes to the products they use. By opting for cruelty-free alternatives, such as cosmetics and household items that are not tested on animals, kids can help end the suffering of animals used in product testing.
  4. Leaving Animals off Your Plate: Cooper stresses the importance of adopting a plant-based diet or reducing meat consumption to help spare animals from the cruelty of factory farming. By choosing plant-based meals, kids can help protect animals and the planet while also improving their own health.
  5. Speaking Up for Animals: Cooper urges kids to use their voices to speak up for animals and advocate for their welfare. Whether it’s signing petitions, writing letters to lawmakers, or spreading awareness on social media, kids have the power to be powerful advocates for animals.

Through his collaboration with PETA Kids, Cooper Barnes is empowering children to become compassionate superheroes who make a positive impact on the lives of animals. By embracing kindness, empathy, and activism, kids can make 2024 a truly super year for animals everywhere.

Danger Force actor Cooper Barnes teamed up with PETA Kids in a new ad encouraging kids to be superheroes to animals!

Cooper knows that there are many ways YOU can be a hero to animals. Here are just a few ways to make 2024 a super year for them, from rescuing insects to leaving animals off your plate:

  • Rescue bugs! Small insects don’t want to be stomped on or squished. If you find a small animal in your home, gently rescue them and release them outside.
  • Don’t chase birds. Birds don’t want to be scared or chased around. If you want to admire wildlife, go for a walk in your local park instead.
  • Always ask permission before petting a dog. Sometimes they might be scared or uncomfortable and may not want us to touch them. It’s always safest to ask their human if you can say hello before approaching them.
  • Stop eating animals! Leaving animals off your plate is the best way to help stick up for them.

More Ways You Can Be Super to Animals

I know you’re going to be such a hero to animals this year!

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