Fire Ban In Effect At Olympic National Park


A ban on wood and charcoal fires took effect Friday for all of Olympic National Park/NPS file

A ban on wood and charcoal fires took effect in Olympic National Park in Washington state on Friday due to heightened fire danger.

Anything that produces an ash is not allowed. The ban also applies to coastal areas of the park. Gas or propane camp stoves may still be used in the wilderness backcountry and campgrounds but should be operated well away from flammable vegetation and forest litter. Extreme caution is urged with any open flame.

The move to Stage 2 fire restrictions is due to continued hot and dry conditions that are forecasted to continue with no relief in sight and the need to align with state and county campfire restrictions, a park release said.

“We have already seen wildfires start throughout western Washington and these types of conditions are highly conducive to wildfires starting on the peninsula,” said Interagency Fire Management Officer Jeff Bortner. “By following these restrictions everyone can help reduce the risk of unintentional wildfires.”

The public is urged to be aware of the high fire danger and take precautions to ensure fire safety. Visitors to public lands should always use caution to prevent human-caused wildfires. To reduce the risk, please consider the following:

  • Fireworks are always prohibited on federal public lands.

  • Before going camping, learn of any new restrictions that may be in place.

  • If smoking, always dispose of cigarette debris in some type of an ashtray.

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