Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signed the SB 300, the Heartbeat Protection Act, and in August, DeSantis Signed to have Michael Zack be the first Execution of Convicted Murderer on Death Row since 1997 (Lethal Injection happens at 6PM EST Today)!

Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has signed into law the Heartbeat Protection Act, which is aimed at protecting the sanctity of human life and is also known as SB 300. However, people are questioning the Governor’s commitment to life due to his recent action in August. Governor DeSantis signed a death warrant for a death row inmate, which will be the first execution carried out in the state since 1997. This leads to some to question with regard to the Governor’s stance on human life and whether or not his decision to sign the Heartbeat Protection Act was simply a political move rather than a genuine concern for life. In light of these other events that will kill a human, it is critical to consider the Governor’s actions and how they contradict anything with regard to his stance on human life.

Death Penalty Focus is marking the 21st World Day Against the Death Penalty with a webinar featuring a conversation on “The Torture of Solitary Confinement” with DPF President Mike Farrell, former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan E. Méndez, and Rachel Meeropol, who, as a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights, represented those imprisoned in solitary confinement in California in their landmark lawsuit, Ashker v. Governor.

We’re asking for your help again because Florida has scheduled its sixth execution this year. Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a death warrant for Michael Zack and scheduled an execution date of Tuesday, October 3, at 6 p.m.

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It brings us immense pleasure to share the groundbreaking news that one of the most significant bills of today’s time has officially been given the green light. Proposed by Maxwell Frost, this piece of legislation has gained immense support and momentum from Leaders We Deserve, young activists, organizers, and leaders across our movement. This landmark decision will come to fruition via the Biden Executive Action, marking a pivotal moment not just for our organization but for the entire nation.

UniverSoul Circus has set a commendable example for other circuses to follow by taking this bold step. The decision to end animal acts represents a momentous step towards a fairer and more just society, where animal entertainment doesn’t come at the cost of innocent creatures’ well-being.

As a result of this decision, UniverSoul Circus can now concentrate on promoting human talent, creativity and entertainment without compromising the welfare of its animals. Additionally, this decision marks an important move towards preserving our planet’s biodiversity by ensuring the well-being of animals, which play a crucial role in our ecosystem. This is a positive development for animal lovers, as it brings hope that other companies will follow in the footsteps of UniverSoul Circus.

An undergraduate psychology course at Utah State University (USU) requires students to torment live rats in a psychology experiment, forcing the animals to endure cruel training involving pushing a lever in order to obtain food while being blasted with disorienting lights.

As an individual who values ethical treatment of animals and the importance of academic research, it is concerning to hear that an undergraduate psychology course at Utah State University (USU) involves the tormenting of live rats in a psychological experiment. Animal welfare is an issue that has been increasingly emphasized in recent years, as awareness spreads regarding humane treatment of all living creatures. While psychology research is valuable in advancing our understanding of behavior, it is important to question the methods used and ensure that the well-being of animals is not compromised. It would be encouraging to learn more about the details of this experiment, whether ethical guidelines were followed and how the results can contribute to psychological knowledge. Ultimately, we must balance the pursuit of academic research with compassion for all living beings.

Landlords are failing to offer humane rodent control methods to students at Baylor University in Texas after complaints regarding mice and rats at an off-campus apartment complex, so PETA is stepping in to help.

Glue Traps Are Death Traps! PETA Offers 8 Humane ‘Rodent Control’ Tips Instead

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