Giant Bat: Unveiling The Mystery Behind the Largest Bat in


Giant bats may have been a figment of the imagination in the past but discoveries in the past century suggest they are real. Some of these winged mammals are even larger than humans. Most bat species are nocturnal, an animal behavior characterized as being active at night while in a state of rest or sleep during the day.

Although largely is known about different bat species, there are still evolutionary mysteries waiting to be uncovered since bats are the only known mammals capable of ‘true flight.’ This means that the said nocturnal evolved independently from birds, which evolved from theropod dinosaurs, making them the only living descendants of dinosaurs.

With this, research points out that bats have their unique evolutionary features apart from the avians. Aside from their ability to fly, some bats, also called “giant bats” or “mega bats” can grow even larger than humans. According to experts, the mega bat species called, golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus), could be the largest bat in the world.


What is the Largest Bat in the World?

Giant Bats

(Photo : Photo by Sally Dixon on Unsplash)

The giant golden-crown flying fox could hold the title of the world’s largest bat, with its wingspan reaching an average of more than 5 feet long. The A. jubatus is the heaviest recorded bat that can weigh up to 3 pounds, according to the organization Bat Conservation International. The said bat species has a distinct appearance due to the golden fur on their head and their name is based on their foxlike face.

The golden-crown flying fox is endemic in the Philippines, particularly in the Batanes island and the Babuyan Island groups in the north, according to the organization, which warned that habitat loss and rampant hunting are the main threats to the mega bat species.

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Are Mega Bats Extinct?

Mega bats, also spelled as megabats, are not yet extinct. Under the scientific name (Pteropodidae), they belong to the family Pteropodidae and order Chiroptera. Megabats are also called fruit bats or old-world fruit bats, with their derived from their behavior of eating fruits, nectars, and pollens.

While all megabats belong to the same family, this group consists of not only the golden-crown flying fox but also blossom bats, and tube-nosed bats.

Based on available evidence, it has been contested that megabats may have evolved from a common ancestor belonging to the primate, a diverse order of mammals, according to the organization Bat Rescue Inc.

In some accounts, some species of the megabat family can weigh up to 3.2 pounds and reach a wingspan of up to 5.6 feet. In recent years, a viral picture spread in social media networks and other platforms, showing a sleeping giant bat in the Philippines.

Some internet users also claimed the bat in the photo was fake, while some confirmed the credibility of the image. Despite their seemingly scary reputation, giant bats are not known for hunting humans.

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