How to talk to young children about gun safety


He also encourages parents to educate themselves about gun safety, because it’s more than just telling kids ‘don’t touch.’

SAN ANTONIO — Firearms instructor Eddie Cruz with River City Tactical says with the gun culture we live in today, it’s important to speak with children at a young age about gun safety.

“Tell them the truth.  Be honest with them.  It’s all around us, it happens everyday.  It’s in video games, it’s in cartoons, social media,” said Cruz.

Cruz says before parents talk to children, they should educate themselves on gun safety, because it’s more than just ‘don’t touch.’  He points to a free on-line program through the National Rifle Association, called Eddie Eagle.

The Eddie Eagle program is a curriculum showing parents how to discuss gun safety with children. The program teaches children as young as the Pre-K grade level.

On Tuesday, a 3-year-old Pre-K SA student was found with a gun in their backpack.

Jennifer Northway, Director of Injury Prevention with University Health says the hospital has a program in collaboration with Bexar County and the Sheriff’s Office called, GunSafety4Bexar.

“We provide free gun locks to anybody in the community.  We actually have 12 distributions, pickup locations throughout the county,” said Northway.

The cable or trigger locks are provide with no questions asked, along with additional resources for safe storage options. 

Northway says it’s important for parents to talk with children about gun safety, especially if they have an unsecure firearm in the home. Northway also wants parents to feel comfortable talking about gun safety with other parents, and families if they are having a sleepover.  

“Every firearm is a responsibility, that is the responsibility of the owner. The owner is responsible for placing that firearm in a safe place,” said Cruz.


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