Killer Whale Gives Paddle Boarder A Nudge Out In The Middle


Add this to the list of “reasons why I won’t ever paddle board.”

If you happen to be interested in the other reasons why I find paddle boarding “not worth it,” I’ll do a Top 5 list below. If you don’t care about my thoughts on the matter, feel free to skip down below to the rest of the article.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Ever Paddle Board:

5- I’m confused by the allure. Should I be dressed to get in the water or not?

4- If I wanted to be on a floatation device in the ocean, I would just boogie board.

3- Seems like it would be too slow, I’d rather just be in a boat and not have to worry about falling over the whole time.

2- I like to be in control of things, and it feels like this would be difficult to control if things went wrong.

1- A killer whale, which is much larger than myself or a paddle board, could give me a push like this one does in the video.

I know, pretty surprising that it took over the number one spot right? Hopefully people are on board (pun intended) with me on the heated debate on paddle boards being overrated.

Anyways, imagine this is you, floating out in the deep, scary waters of the sea on a paddle board. Anything and everything that is out there in the ocean that wants to mess with you has the ability to do so. If you were in a boat, at least you would have somewhat of a means to get away. On a paddle board, you are at the mercy of the sea and all the monsters that call it home.

Plus, with all the scary stories we’ve heard as of late about orcas attacking boats and even sometimes working together, being out in the ocean at all right now seems iffy. I’d say this paddle boarder got lucky that this killer whale was on the nicer side. The thing could have easily swallowed up the person if it really wanted to.

There’s still never been a human death accounted to a killer whale attack, but with the sudden violent turn that Orcas have taken this year, I’d say it’s really only a matter of time. I’m not trying to fear monger here, but just saying to maybe be more aware that these whales are pretty much running the ocean right now.

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