KMC to conduct Noor Jehan’s post-mortem


Mahouts feed elephant Noor Jehan at the Karachi Zoo in Karachi on April 18, 2023. — AFP
Mahouts feed elephant Noor Jehan at the Karachi Zoo in Karachi on April 18, 2023. — AFP

After the ailing African elephant Noor Jehan passed away at the Karachi Zoo a day earlier, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has said her autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of her death.

Karachi Administrator Syed Saifur Rehman, in a phone call with Geo News, confirmed that the elephant’s autopsy has been completed.

“The post mortem team has collected Noor Jehan’s samples, which will be sent to Lahore for [laboratory] analysis,” he said.

Dr Rehman also confirmed that the 17-year-old elephant’s burial will begin shortly.

Karachi administrator, in a statement released by the KMC, also said that screening of the other elephant, Madhubala, will be done while her blood samples will also be taken.

Taking to Twitter, the KMC spokesperson said that entry of citizens to Karachi Zoo will continue as usual.

Meanwhile, the Karachi administrator is present in the zoo on the second day of Eid as well to supervise Noor Jehan’s autopsy and other matters.

The deceased elephant will be buried in the Karachi Zoo, the administrator told Geo News.

“The report will also be shared after the post-mortem of the elephant,” Dr Rehman said.

He refuted reports regarding the animals at the zoo not being fed and ensured that those responsible for the delay in treatment will be determined, while an inquiry is underway.

The city administrator informed Geo News that Madhubala will be shifted to the Safari Park in Karachi and assured that the other elephants there are safe.

After months of living in pain and neglect, Noor Jehan breathed her last at the Karachi Zoo a day earlier, as all efforts to get her back on her feet went in vain.

“The elephant was sick with a fever since yesterday. All-out efforts were made to save her,” the administrator said in a statement about the animal who was suffering from several health issues for the last several days.

In her last days, Noor Jehan was pin-pricked by drips and regularly doused with water to cool her down.

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