Letters: Oppose trophy hunting to allow grizzly bears to


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Resuming grizzly bear trophy hunting cannot be allowed. This is not merely an emotional concern; it is a matter of science. The Auditor General of B.C.’s 2017 report already questioned the sustainability of hunting due to inaccurate population estimates, the lack of monitoring, and inadequate evaluation of threats. Not much has changed. We still do not even know how many bears are in the province.Moreover, the current draft framework overlooks critical challenges facing grizzly bears. Climate change and wildfires already severely impact their habitat and food sources. However, they are treated as “low” or “negligible” threats in the framework.

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We live in times of environmental uncertainty, and putting any additional pressure on this species may push them over the brink. Trophy hunting has no place in our society. We must strongly oppose it to allow these iconic creatures to survive.Gosia Bryja, Port Moody

Re: Vancouver Public Library’s nixing of late fees 

The VPL is content to throw away more than $600,000 a year to accommodate people who don’t believe in rules. And in doing so they are inconveniencing rules-conscious citizens who are patiently waiting for a book on hold. Basically, they are saying there is no return date. And, oh yeah, $600,000 is apparently a “negligible” amount to “reduce barriers to library services and increase equity.”

Last time I checked, there were no barriers to library services if you played by the very simple and fair rules associated with borrowing a book. And as far as I know, these facilities are open to everyone. I wonder how many books you can buy or children’s programs you can provide for $600,000 a year. A great example of irresponsible stewardship of community resources and deeply flawed policy rationale.

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Steve Bush, Port Moody

Re: NDP ditch election promise on Hwy. 1 widening

There was an excellent column on Aug. 15 in which Vaughan Palmer outlined the provincial NDP government’s position on widening the Trans Canada Highway 1 east of Langley in the Fraser Valley to Chilliwack.

As recently as 2020, then Premier John Horgan committed to this project with an estimated completion date in 2026. Now the NDP government says that maybe by 2035 some action might take place. There appears to be no understanding in civil service or on the part of elected NDP MLAs in Victoria of what has, and is occurring, in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

The population growth in these areas is in the tens of thousands every year. Without a true infrastructure plan this area is going to suffer gridlock. All the people in the small city of Victoria see is minor traffic jams on occasion on the Pat Bay Highway or in Langford. They have no appreciation of what is a daily occurrence in the Fraser Valley.

To think that another 10-plus years could pass with little or no improvement to the Highway 1 artery is inexcusable. Eby and the NDP’s Minister of Infrastructure need to get their heads together and treat this emerging emergency with action. It cannot wait.

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Angus Mitchell, North Vancouver 

Re: Clayoquot Sound protests ‘a pivot point’ for industry and activism, forester says

One look at the picture of a stripped down, clearcut mountain top with scrap wood lying about tells me the next heavy rain will wash the mountain away and/or fuel an inferno next year. How much do people have to endure before common sense changes are made?

Dave Krenz, Coquitlam 

Protect the access road to Cultus Lake

It appears the weather extremes are here to stay. With that, we should become proactive rather than reactive to climate change. A good place to start is the one and only road into and out of Cultus Lake. There are many year-round residents at Cultus and Lindell Beach and Columbia Valley, not to mention thousands of visitors. Something must be done to protect this roadway. The time for action by politicians to remove hazards is now.

Terry Taylor, Chilliwack 

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