Man accuses maid of animal abuse after dog spotted with


From holding the leash in a proper manner to cleaning up your dog’s poop in public, walking a dog requires plenty of care.

And so, a man in Woodlands was appalled after encountering a woman at the void deck next to her pet dog which had a plastic bag wrapped around its body.  

Finding the treatment towards the dog inhumane, user Wanfly shared a video of his encounter on TikTok on Monday (Sep 4) and wrote: “Is this how you treat your dog?”

@wanfly_1105 She claims that her employer ordered her to put the plastic like that . After she was confronted , she removed the plastic and ask why she was been recorded and also start to walk the dog as normal . What we see as a outsider , it’s an abuse . The dog can’t even sit as the plastic is tied up to the dog’s waist . I’m against animal abuse and I would like this to reach to her employer . Video took anonymously #fyp #againstanimalabuse ♬ original sound – 𝓦𝓪𝓷𝓕𝓵𝔂🐔

In the 30-second video, a woman can be seen casually seating at the void deck, glued to her phone while tightly gripping the dog’s leash by her feet. 

The dog, in the video, seems unable to lower its head or sit.

Wanfly wrote: “It’s abuse. The dog can’t even sit as the plastic bag is tied up to the dog’s waist.” 

He then added that he spoke to the woman, whom he claimed to be a maid who explained that “her employer ordered her to put the plastic like that”.

“After she was confronted, she removed the plastic,” he said, adding that this incident took place at Block 307, Woodlands Ave 1.

Concerned about the dog’s welfare, Wanfly wrote: “I’m against animal abuse and I would like this to reach to her employer.”

AsiaOne has reached out to Wanfly for comment.

Many netizens expressed their concern over the maid’s actions.

Other maids also commented on the video, saying that they put care and consideration into taking care of their employer’s pets.

Some users also pointed out that maybe the plastic bag was tied around the waist to prevent the dog from pooping or peeing at public spaces.

One said that Wanfly could have educated the maid on the proper way to handle a dog instead of posting the video.

In response to the comments, Wanfly said: “Please read my caption carefully. The way the leash was being held is too short for the dog to move around comfortably.”

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