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Landscape and wildlife conservation entails the preservation and protection of natural habitats and animal species. Youth engagement and education support programs that educate and inspire young people to be stewards of the environment. History and culture focus on the preservation and interpretation of the rich cultural and historical heritage of parks. Outdoor exploration encourages visitors to immerse themselves in nature through recreational activities. Resilience and sustainability highlight the resilience of natural systems to climate change and emphasize the importance of sustainable practices for long-term conservation. Communities and workforce programs aim to foster partnerships between parks and local communities while providing employment opportunities. Lastly, the Parks of the Future focuses on innovative strategies to enhance visitor experience, promote sustainability, and address park management needs. Together, these core areas of focus contribute to the overall mission of parks as places of conservation, recreation, and education.

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National Parks

NPF helps support the National Park Service in their preservation of more than 400 national park sites across the country.

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Since 1967, the NPF has helped protect and preserve some of America’s most treasured places.

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NPF provided grants and programmatic support of over $89.4M to our national parks during fiscal year 2021.

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Landscape & Wildlife Conservation 
Youth Engagement & Education
History & Culture
Outdoor Exploration
Resilience & Sustainability
Communities & Workforce
Parks of the Future

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Welcome to the incredible world of national parks! We, the national park community, are thrilled to have you join us in celebrating these special, awe-inspiring places. 

As you step into these natural wonders, you will undoubtedly be struck by their beauty, diversity, and the incredible richness of biodiversity that surrounds you. But these spaces are more than just pretty sights – they are irreplaceable ecosystems that have sustained us for generations. Together, we can ensure that these awe-inspiring places continue to exist forever. When we work together, we can protect nature’s most precious gifts, safeguarding the future for generations to come. So thank you for joining hands with us in this vital mission. Let’s move forward together to cherish and conserve these special places.