New state law prevents animal abuse offenders from owning


RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A new state law preventing previous convicts of animal abuse from owning pets went into effect this month.

The Animal Prevention Ban applies to people convicted of being involved in dogfighting operations, hurt assistance animals or being cruel to a non-livestock animal for five years after their conviction.

Luis Quintanilla, Executive Director of the RGV Humane Society, says he is glad the animal possession ban is now a state law.

“The more that we can protect animals and the more that we can voice that as a priority, I think that is a really beneficial thing,” Quintanilla said.

He mentions he is happy with the bill and what Texas Lawmakers are doing for the people and their pets.

“We’re very proud that this is taking place and that hopefully will provide and afford a little bit more protection for those animals that have no voice,” Quintanilla said.

State Representative Matt Shaheen from Plano is the author of the new bill.

“We need to make sure that our animals are taken care of. We’re not going to tolerate any type of animal abuse,” Shaheen said.

Quintanilla says this law will not only help animals but prevent convicted criminals reoffend.

“If somebody has a callous indifference and complete lack of empathy for any living creature, that’s a danger for people as well,” Quintanilla said.

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