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Onam 2023: Along with Vishu and Thiruvathira, Onam is one of the three most important Hindu festivals, as it celebrates the paddy harvest. According to a legend that originated in the Indian state of Kerala, King Mahabali ushered in a golden age during his reign over Kerala. Despite his ego, he passed a test posed by Vishnu, demonstrating his devotion to his people and lands, and as a result, he is permitted to visit Kerala once a year. Onam commemorates Mahabali’s annual homecoming with a ten-day festival featuring a variety of traditions, including Vallam Kali (boat races), Pulikali (tiger dances), Onathallu (martial arts), and a nine-course vegetarian feast called Onasadya on the final day. The festival occurs ten days prior to Thiru Onam in the month of Chingam, which typically falls between August and September.

Onam is celebrated during the month of Chingam on the Malayalam calendar, which falls between the months of August and September. Onam begins August 29 of this month.

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Onam 2023: HISTORY

In Hinduism, Onam is a 10-day festival that is celebrated for ten days. It is a harvest festival where the legendary King Mahabali is welcomed. Despite being a demon, Mahabali was renowned for his generosity and decent heart. The Gods were envious of his popularity, so they asked Lord Vishnu for assistance. As Mahabali was a devout devotee of Lord Vishnu, the latter supported the Gods’ cause but did not instigate a conflict with him.

Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Vamana, a Brahmin pygmy, and travelled to Mahabali’s kingdoms to request the right to a property measuring ‘three paces.’ Mahabali complied and granted Vamana’s request.

Atham, Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom, and Thiruvonam are the ten days of Onam. Thiruvonam is the festival’s most significant day.

The festival features multiple significant events. In ‘Pookkalam,’ coloured powder is used to create designs of flowers in front of dwellings. The term “Onakalikal” refers to all the games performed during the festival. 100 boatmen compete in the ‘Vallamkali’ boat race, ‘Thala Panthu Kali’ with a projectile, ‘Ambeyyal’ or archery, and the ‘Vallamkali’ boat race.

Traditional folk performances performed by women are among the most popular attractions at the festival. The dances and synchronised performances are performed in honour of the advent of King Mahabali. The elephant procession is the highlight of the festival, with decorated elephants parading and performing alongside festival-goers.


  • The festival is secular, so participants can come from all spheres of life.
  • During the ten days of Onam, elaborate and abundantly varied dishes are prepared.
  • It is common to give gold or silver coins, clothing, accoutrements, or electronic devices as gifts to loved ones.
  • Three small figures made of red sand are set in front of homes.
  • Onam is a festival celebrating the Demon King Mahabali’s return home.


Onam spans ten days, and the events that take place are vibrant and colourful. We wish we could be there!

Onam is rooted in Hinduism but is not exclusive to Hindu castes. Participation is open to all communities, and we adore this inclusivity!

Onam is one of the numerous gorgeous celebrations held in Asia. It is representative of the diverse culture and heritage of India.


Year Date Day
2023 August 29 Tuesday
2024 September 5 Thursday
2025 August 26 Tuesday
2026 August 16 Sunday
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