Osea Undaria Cleansing Body Polish Review


You know how your face requires a regular deep clean to prevent breakouts and clear out build-up? Your body needs one, too. Personally, I crave a head-to-toe reset year round, so an array of scrubs and polishes have a permanent spot in my shower. From looking to remove dead skin, flakes from sunburn (if my dermatologist is reading this—I am sorry), or prepping my skin for a fake tan, reaching for an exfoliant is just necessary.

As a result, I have become a body product aficionado. Osea, a vegan California based brand, already has a spot on my list of go-to’s because of their beloved Salts of the Earth Body Scrub. However, their newest launch takes a different approach to the same concept. Below, find the complete breakdown of their latest formula, the Undaria Cleansing Body Polish. Trust me, you are going to want to give it a try.

The Formula

Before we dive into all the details of what makes this product so unique, let’s first cover something that can even be confusing for me—the difference between a scrub and a polish. A scrub typically cleanses in more of a physical manner, hence the stereotypical chunky, grainy texture. A polish has a similar goal but usually has a softer consistency thanks to the added moisturizing benefits. For situations where I want something more intense, I tend to grab a scrub for that sensorial confirmation that I am really getting in there. When it comes to my regular body routine, I lean more on polishes as a form of regular maintenance.

One of my favorite things about the Osea Undaria Cleansing Body Polish is that the formula takes a dual approach to delivering smooth skin. It includes pumice, Undaria seaweed, and kiwi AHA-infused rice microparticles to offer both a physical and chemical exfoliant. This gives that immediate sensorial feel of a “polish” and a deeper level of cell turnover (special shout out to the alpha hydroxy acids). Of course, the main benefit here is exfoliation, but you’ll also find ingredients like glycerin and sunflower oil, which provide some major hydration.

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