Our Future & How Today’s Youths Like to get “Shit” Done even as Republicans Target GOP Youth Voters to Make Easy Things Harder!

That’s how we’ve been able to make more progress on critical issues like gun violence prevention and climate change in the last 3 years than in the last 3 decades!

‘With more Gen Z voter turnout than ever before, young people across the United States are voting in record high numbers, making up a large proportion of votes for progressive candidates, AND we’re continuing to push our leaders to get shit done. Think about it: In five years, we went from having the most pro-NRA president in American history to the most pro-gun-safety president in American history. That wasn’t an accident: it was a sign of our power and a result of our efforts to mobilize the youth vote. The GOP knows this and are trying to stop us.’David Hogg

The statement highlights how their efforts in the fight against gun violence prevention and climate change have yielded more progress in the past three years than it has been in the last three decades. This impressive achievement is undoubtedly due to the consistent and determined effort of the organization and its supporters. One can see how far the organization has come by taking into account a crucial fact- in just five years, the country went from having the most pro-NRA president in history to the most pro-gun-safety president! One can agree that this was not a coincidence- that it was a clear indication of our power, highlighted by the mobilization of the youth vote. The Republican Party seems to be well aware of this and is undoubtedly putting in measures to prevent the organization and its supporters from taking down their agenda. It is incredibly admirable to see this organization’s ability to make such positive progress in critical issues despite significant opposition.

Young people have historically motivated change across societies, and this has continued within the United States. As such, the Republican Party has become increasingly aware of the powerful voice that the youth carries, particularly regarding issues that many young people are passionate about, such as climate change, social justice, and equity. Unfortunately, some Republicans across the country have attempted to make it more difficult for young people to vote in recent years. Consequently, the United States has witnessed a wave of voter suppression targeting youth voters unlike anything seen before, a trend that is extremely concerning. As a helper, it is crucial to stand alongside young people and advocate for their right to vote and participate in democracy to help shape the future of our nation.

A recent development in Idaho’s political landscape saw the governor, who subscribes to right-wing ideologies, signing a bill that has elicited mixed reactions from the public. The bill in question seeks to ban the use of student IDs as a form of identification during elections in Idaho. This decision is not without its critics, who argue that the move unfairly disenfranchises young people and students. The issue highlights the tension between the desire to ensure the integrity of elections and the need to promote accessibility, particularly for marginalized groups. As such, the governor’s decision has ignited a debate around voting rights, proving to be an essential and topical issue in contemporary politics. Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, there is no denying that the implications of this bill go beyond Idaho and are likely to be felt across the country.

Ohio has gained a reputation for making it incredibly difficult for students who come from out of state to exercise their voting rights. Despite the constitutional guarantee of voting rights for all United States citizens, Ohio imposes stringent requirements that make it especially complicated and burdensome for out-of-state students to register and cast their ballots. These hurdles include strict residency requirements, confusing voter ID laws, and limited early voting options. Due to these factors, the process of voting can become an overwhelming and convoluted experience for many out-of-state students in Ohio. The state’s restrictive policies often discourage students from participating in the democratic process and fulfilling their civic duty, which is a troubling trend for a society that values inclusivity and equal representation for all.

Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida enacted a new piece of legislation aimed at ensuring election integrity and security by requiring all first-time voters without a social security number or state ID to cast their ballots in-person. This measure is aimed at reducing the potential for fraud and ensuring that only eligible citizens are able to participate in the electoral process. With the increased concerns and scrutiny around election processes in recent years, it is imperative that steps are taken to address potential vulnerabilities in the system. By enacting this new requirement, Governor DeSantis is taking proactive steps to protect the integrity of our elections and ensuring that the voices of all eligible citizens are heard. While it may pose some logistical challenges, such as longer wait times at polling stations, the benefits of this policy are clear, and it will undoubtedly help to safeguard the stability and legitimacy of our democracy.

Now more than ever, it is vital that we continue the momentum we have gained and work diligently to ensure that we are raising adequate resources to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Our task is not an easy one as we are faced with the daunting task of combating special interests that threaten to buy elections and elected officials who are standing in the way of progress. We must be relentless in our efforts and remain steadfast in our mission to create change. Through our combined efforts, we can overcome these obstacles and move towards a brighter future. Let us not falter in our resolve and keep pushing forward with determination and purpose. The stakes are high, but together, we can achieve our goals and make real progress for the betterment of all.

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