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Squirrel munching on almond

A squirrel holds an almond near Keeney’s cart on Saturday afternoon.

One Paducah artist has made friends in some pretty high places — the treetops, to be exact.

Jim and Kathy Keeney have been selling their handmade jewelry out of a cart near the gazebo on Broadway Street for the past 17 years through their business, Keeney Scottish Tinkers.

Jim Keeney

Jim Keeney sits at his workspace near the gazebo on Broadway Street.

Keeney and Diesel

Jim Keeney and his friend Char Diesel have a conversation Saturday afternoon near his workspace downtown.

Finnley West

Finnley West crouches down to get a closer look at a squirrel as Johnny West and Shelly Cornett look on behind him.

Keeney Scottish Tinkers

Jim and Kathy Keeney’s cart, where they sell handmade jewelry on the weekends, weather permitting.

Squirrel buries almond

Rather than eat the almond Keeney gave him, this squirrel buries it for winter.

A squirrel gets a snack

A squirrel reaches up to grab an almond from Jim Keeney’s hand.

Jim Keeney

Jim Keeney holds a bag of plain almonds near his cart downtown on Saturday.

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