Poetic rendition of Merah Putih, Seminyak, Bali in ode


The cultural, emotional, and sensory aspects of the human experience are reflected by food as an effective metaphor in literature. Let’s read some ode style poems that will describe the dishes from the menu of Merah Putih, Seminyak, Bali.


In Bali’s heart, where flavors unite,
Merah Putih’s treasures in the soft tropical light.
Jangkang, a dish of spice and fire,
In each fiery bite, it takes you higher.

Pangsit Tahu and State Tempe

Pangsit tahu, a harmony of taste,
With tofu and dumplings, a culinary embrace.
Sate tempe, with flavors so bold,
A vegetarian delight, a tale to be told.

Bak Pao Sapi and Rawon Buntut

Bak pao sapi, a beefy surprise,
Steamed and savory, it delights the eyes.
Rawon buntut, oxtail in a flavorful blend,
In rich, dark broth, its flavors ascend.


Batagor, a street food sensation so grand,
With peanut sauce, it’s a taste of the land.
In ode to these flavors, we celebrate and cheer,
At Merah Putih, where tastes hold dear.

An ode is a lyrical and often elaborate form of poetry that expresses deep admiration, praise, or celebration of a person, object, event, or abstract concept. Odes typically have a formal structure and a reverential tone.



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