Pune Man Arrested For Attempting To Sell Rs 5 Crore Worth


Pune, 3rd September 2023: In a significant development, the Pune City Police have apprehended a man who was attempting to sell whale vomit with an estimated worth of Rs 5 crore.


The suspect, identified as Vishwanath Ratan Gaikwad, (38) and residing at Katraj, has been taken into custody.


The arrest was made following a tip-off received by Sachin Gaikwad of Deccan Police Station, from confidential informants. It was reported that behind the Goodluck Hotel, an individual was illicitly peddling fish vomit extracted from whale.


Upon verifying the information, Police Sub-Inspector Mahesh Bhosle promptly alerted Senior Police Inspector Vipin Hasbanis via phone. Subsequently, the police, accompanied by Forest Guard Krishna Anand Hake and a representative from the Forest Department, proceeded to the spot.


During questioning, Gaikwad provided vague and inconsistent responses. Subsequently, when the police inspected a bag in his possession, they made a startling discovery – whale vomit with an estimated value of Rs 5 crore.



The arrested individual is currently in police custody, and investigations are ongoing to determine the source and intended destination of the valuable substance.


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