Shark advice warning issued for Falcon Bay after whale


A shark advice warning has been issued for a Mandurah beach following a whale carcass washing ashore.

The humpback whale carcass washed up at Falcon Bay on Tuesday afternoon. A shark advice warning was issued because sharks could be attracted to the area.

The City of Mandurah removed the carcass from the beach on Wednesday afternoon and the beach remained closed for the rest of the day.

A spokesman from the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development’s shark response unit said although the carcass had been removed, caution should be taken in the area.

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“We would urge people to take additional caution in the Falcon area because fluids that have leaked from the whale carcass may potentially attract sharks, even after the carcass is removed and until the fluids disperse,” he said.

The spokesman said the whale had most likely died while it was making its annual migration along the WA coast.

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