Sixth New Baby Dolphin Spotted


Sixth New Baby Dolphin Spotted

A new dolphin calf has been found on the Mekong river. Photo: Lor Kimsan/WWF-Cambodia

PHNOM PENH – A new dolphin calf has been found on the Mekong River, bringing the number of dolphin births to six this year.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries posted on Facebook that the calf, about two weeks old, was found on Aug. 21 in Prek Krieng village, Kratie province.

A boat guide escorting tourists to see dolphins noticed the calf. After receiving a report, tourist police at Kampi Resort and WWF staff at Kratie province found the calf swimming with seven adults.

A two-month-old calf was found dead on Aug. 9 after being tangled in fishing net at Peam village, Kandal province. Six calves have been found and two dolphins have died this year, bringing the number of dolphins in Cambodia to 93.

The Mekong dolphin is on the red list of endangered species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature as needing to be protected from extinction.

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