Super Typhoon Saola: 100,000 Evacuated In China’s Eastern


The onslaught of Typhoon Saola forced the cancellations and delays of more than 400 flights in Hongkong as it also prompted the mandatory evacuation of at least 100,000 individuals in eastern China’s Fujian province.

wrath of Saola

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The weather disturbance had made landfall in southern China before dawn Saturday. Due to Saola’s torrential rains, most of Hongkong and parts of the coastal mainland have suspended businesses, transportation, and classes.

Saola’s effects

According to Hongkong Observatory, Saola, at noon, was spotted at about 150 kilometers northwest of Haikou. Weather experts said that Saola is expected to move southwest slowly across the vicinity of Beibu Wan, and that it would continue to weaken.

Furthermore, showers associated with Saola continue to affect western Guangdong.

Saola, which hit the Philippines as Super Typhoon Goring, was packing sustained winds of 130 mph offshore from Hong Kong as of 8 p.m. HKT last September1, which was down from 155 mph on August 31.

Meteorologists said this wind classifications would both qualify as a “violent typhoon” and the equivalent of a Category 4 when it comes to the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale.

It was forecasted that Saola would continue to slowly drag along the coast of China with high and powerful winds as well as torrential rains that brought floods.

This weather condition made it to the island of Hainan by late Monday, with weather experts saying that this was the equivalent of a major hurricane, which took three days to move up the coast of Florida.

The Hong Kong Observatory had issued a No. 10 hurricane signal, which is considered as the the highest warning under the city’s weather system.

This was also the first such warning from the observatory since 2018.

Aside from the torrential rains and heavy winds, nearly 4,000 trains have been out of service and authorities said this would stay until weekend.

The bad weather also evacuated 780,000 people in Guangdong from areas that are considered as at risk, similar with the 100,000 people in the neighboring Fujian province.

Meanwhile, more than 80,000 fishing vessels returned to port.

Authorities have said that various departments already received reports of a total of 1,206 uprooted trees and flooding was reported in 18 areas.

Furthermore, a total of 75 individuals, including 41 men and 34 women, have sought medical treatments at public hospitals while the storm heavily damaged the island.

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Meanwhile, another weather event is being monitored by meteorologists. Severe Typhoon Haikui was located at about 170 kilometers east of Gaoxiong. It is forecasted to move west-northwest at about 18 kilometers per hour in the general direction of Taiwan.

So far, several counties and cities in Taiwan have already shut down schools, cancelled classes, and declared a day off for workers after closing down their businesses in preparation for Haikui. As many as 2,868 people were evacuated from settlements mainly in the south and east and have been brought to safety, according to Taiwan’s government update.

Haikui, which is predicted to be weaker than Typhoon Saola, is expected to batter many areas in Taiwan as it makes landfall in the mountainous and sparsely populated far southeast.

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