Sustainable Action Now, Utah State University (USU), Baylor University in Texas, National Hispanic Heritage Month featuring 35 Latino and Latina Celebrities brought to by PETA & UniverSoul Circus Is Finally Animal-Free!

As someone who upholds strong moral and ethical values regarding the humane treatment of animals and recognizes the outstanding significance of academic research, it is vastly concerning to have been made aware of an undergraduate psychology course conducted at Utah State University (USU) that reportedly involves subjecting live rats to cruel and inhumane experimentation.

Given the immensely distressing and agonizing circumstances revolving around this alleged practice, it raises enormous concerns and deeply troubling questions about the extent to which animal cruelty is being permitted in the name of scientific research. Particularly when it involves deliberately harming and inflicting emotional and physical pain on living beings, such practices not only contradict the values and principles embedded in modern society, but also blatantly disregard the welfare and dignity of innocent creatures.

As a result, it is essential that, as a community, we continue to voice our concerns about such practices, and advocate for more responsible and ethical measures that prioritize the safety and humane treatment of all animals alongside furthering scientific progress.

Baylor University, a renowned educational institution located in Texas, is presently making use of glue traps at their off-campus housing facilities. This practice has raised concerns from various stakeholders who are advocating for the humane treatment of animals. It is worth noting that glue traps are notorious for causing immense suffering to animals that get caught in it. The inhumane nature of this approach is not only cruel but also ineffective in the long run. Considering that there are numerous humane ways of managing pest infestations, such as utilizing live traps or exclusion methods, it is important for Baylor University to halt its use of glue traps and explore more ethical and effective methods of pest control. We, therefore, call on the University to review its pest management policies and take action towards embracing more humane practices that prioritize the welfare of all animals.

Next, PETA, short for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is proud to present the National Hispanic Heritage Month, an incredibly inspiring celebration showcasing over 35 prominent Latino and Latina figures. Throughout this impressive and exciting event, we will be highlighting the rich culture, traditions, and contributions of our diverse Hispanic community, as well as bringing attention to important topics such as animal welfare and cruelty-free living. From accomplished musicians, actors, athletes, and activists to chefs, writers, entrepreneurs, and beyond, our lineup represents a wide array of talents and backgrounds, all of whom share PETA’s commitment to creating a kinder world for all species. We invite you to join us in this momentous occasion as we honor the amazing achievements of our Hispanic icons and strive towards a brighter future for animals and the planet.

And last, UniverSoul Circus, a renowned traveling circus, has recently made an important and significant decision to become animal-free. After numerous discussions and consultation with animal welfare organizations, the circus has taken a firm stance in support of animal rights and ethical treatment of all living beings. By eliminating animal acts from their shows, the circus is setting an example for other entertainment industries to follow, and is paving the way towards a more compassionate and humane world. In addition to this, the removal of animal acts will allow the circus to focus on other exciting and awe-inspiring performances, showcasing the talents of human performers from diverse backgrounds. This move signifies a positive stride towards promoting a more sustainable and responsible future, where entertainment options are not at the cost of animal exploitation and abuse.

It brings me great pleasure to inform you of a groundbreaking decision made by UniverSoul Circus. The circus has finally decided to end its animal acts, marking a significant shift in attitudes towards animal welfare. This is fantastic news for animal rights activists, as it signifies a growing awareness of the suffering of animals in entertainment industries.

UniverSoul Circus has set a commendable example for other circuses to follow by taking this bold step. The decision to end animal acts represents a momentous step towards a fairer and more just society, where animal entertainment doesn’t come at the cost of innocent creatures’ well-being.

As a result of this decision, UniverSoul Circus can now concentrate on promoting human talent, creativity and entertainment without compromising the welfare of its animals. Additionally, this decision marks an important move towards preserving our planet’s biodiversity by ensuring the well-being of animals, which play a crucial role in our ecosystem. This is a positive development for animal lovers, as it brings hope that other companies will follow in the footsteps of UniverSoul Circus.

An undergraduate psychology course at Utah State University (USU) requires students to torment live rats in a psychology experiment, forcing the animals to endure cruel training involving pushing a lever in order to obtain food while being blasted with disorienting lights.

As an individual who values ethical treatment of animals and the importance of academic research, it is concerning to hear that an undergraduate psychology course at Utah State University (USU) involves the tormenting of live rats in a psychological experiment. Animal welfare is an issue that has been increasingly emphasized in recent years, as awareness spreads regarding humane treatment of all living creatures. While psychology research is valuable in advancing our understanding of behavior, it is important to question the methods used and ensure that the well-being of animals is not compromised. It would be encouraging to learn more about the details of this experiment, whether ethical guidelines were followed and how the results can contribute to psychological knowledge. Ultimately, we must balance the pursuit of academic research with compassion for all living beings.

Landlords are failing to offer humane rodent control methods to students at Baylor University in Texas after complaints regarding mice and rats at an off-campus apartment complex, so PETA is stepping in to help.

Glue Traps Are Death Traps! PETA Offers 8 Humane ‘Rodent Control’ Tips Instead

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a highly significant and celebratory time in the United States that runs from the 15th of September to the 15th of October. During this time, we honor and pay tribute to the many important, powerful, and life-changing contributions that Latino and Latina individuals have made to society. In light of this auspicious time, PETA, an organization that advocates for the ethical treatment of animals, is proud to recognize and pay homage to the many Latinos and Latinas who are working tirelessly to break down the barriers of speciesism and pave the way for a better future for all creatures. We are excited to name these incredible celebrities and give them the recognition they rightly deserve for their efforts to create a kinder, more compassionate, and more just world for animals everywhere. Their inspiring work is having a profound impact on the world, and we are honored to be able to acknowledge their achievements.

Five celebrities who have helped animals with PETA© | © Robert Sebree

1. Aislinn Derbez

This meat-shunning actor—known for starring in EasyLa Casa de las Flores, and De Viaje con los Derbez—was featured in a striking PETA Latino ad encouraging guardians to spay or neuter their animal companions. The campaign artwork, which she personally unveiled at a PETA Latino event at the famous Olvera Street in Los Angeles, featured a stunning pair of wings painted by Derbez herself!

hispanic heritage month latine celebs aislinn derbez for peta

2. Alicia Machado

Venezuelan model Alicia Machado rose to stardom as Miss Universe 1996. Now based in Miami, she has since honed her advocacy for animals by partnering with PETA and PETA Latino to appear in a body-positive “naked” ad proclaiming herself “proud to be me and fur-free.”

But that’s not all. Machado has also starred in a campaign calling on her fans to have their animal companions spayed or neutered and had passionately advocated for the transfer of the long-suffering orca Lolita to a seaside sanctuary.

In 2023, plans for Lolita’s move were finally announced, but they came too late—she died before experiencing a moment of freedom.

latina celeb alicia machado for peta

3. Alisun

Mexican American singer Alisun encouraged people to change their tune by going vegan for Earth Day to benefit animals—including humans—the planet, and their own health.

Pop star Alisun wears a dress made of vegetablesPhoto: © Sara Mally

4. Ana Bárbara

Award-winning singer and actor Ana Bárbara joined PETA Latino for a powerful video in which she experiences firsthand what dogs go through when they’re left in hot cars.

5. Ana María Polo

Straight-talking TV judge Ana María Polo throws the book at animal abusers by making sure everyone knows that it’s never OK to force cats or dogs to live outside in all weather extremes. She had also called on the Miami Seaquarium to release Lolita from a life sentence in the smallest orca tank in the world before the orca’s tragic death.

6. Camila Cabello

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello is a role model to millions of fans around the world. She used her platform as a former member of the band Fifth Harmony to advocate for animals, once starring in a PETA video asking folks to adopt animal companions and have them spayed or neutered.

7. Bella Thorne

This Cuban American singer and actor threw some serious shade on SeaWorld in a stunning PETA ad. Check it out:

Bella Thorne for PETA hispanic heritage monthCreative Director Nim Shapira | Photoshop Artist Shine Horovits | Photo Brian Bowen Smith

8. Carla Morrison  

Latin Grammy Award winner Carla Morrison and her beloved animal companions, Tino and Chawiwi, joined PETA to remind people to celebrate with music, not explosions.


Ad of Carla Morrison hiding under a table with two dogs as superimposed fireworks shoot outside. The text reads fireworks are no fun for animals

9. Chris Pérez

This guitar player from San Antonio is known as a former member of the band Selena y Los Dinos. He stands up for dogs and encourages his fans to adopt animals, not buy them.

10. Clarissa Molina

Univision TV host Clarissa Molina has joined PETA Latino to remind guardians of the importance of having an emergency plan in place to keep their entire family—including animals—safe during natural disasters.

11. Constance Marie

Actor Constance Marie—star of George Lopez and Switched at Birth—decided to ditch meat in the ’90s, after an eye-opening experience while shooting the movie Selena had her holding a chicken for long periods of time on set. She realized that chickens are sensitive animals with their own interests and a strong will to live and could no longer justify eating them.

She has also advocated for orcas trapped at SeaWorld and asked her fans to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered.


12. Daniel Suárez

Daniel Suárez is the first Mexican-born professional driver to win a national NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship. He’s also dedicated to helping animals. He races to the rescue of dogs in hot cars and gently releases mice visitors outdoors.

13. Daniella Monet

These days, former Nickelodeon star Daniella Monet is an influencer and a vegan mama of two. She encourages kids to say no to dissection at school and to keep fish and other animals off their plates.

hispanic heritage month celebs for peta daniella monet

14. Edward James Olmos

This Chicano icon is a Hollywood legend and a native of East Los Angeles who’s also vegan! He calls on his fans to treat their animal companions like members of the family and keep them safe from fireworks. Additionally, he has lent his voice to the coyote in our Council of Animals display in Washington, D.C., to spread the message that if our fellow animals could be understood by humans, we’d hear them begging us to stop harming, exploiting, and slaughtering them. He recently received a PETA Humanitarian Award for using his celebrity platform to promote compassion for all species.

15-16. Emilio Rivera and Theo Rossi 

These stars of the television shows Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. prove that real strength comes from protecting animals and never chaining them. They’re showing the world that being tough doesn’t mean being heartless and that the greatest strength of all is the power to love and care for all sentient beings.

Theo Rossi and Emilio Rivera pose in front of a gate with Jenni, a black and white dog, at their feet. There is a broken chain at her paws. Rivera holds a pair of metal cutters in one hand, and the remainder of the chain in the other.Photo: © Peter Yang

17. George Lopez

George Lopez is a well-known comedian and actor from Los Angeles. This Dodgers fan is also a big fan of adopted dogs! That’s why he’s called on his fellow Angelenos to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered.

hispanic heritage month latine celebs team up with PETA

18-19. Jesse & Joy Huerta

Mexican American singer-songwriter duo Jesse & Joy are wonderful friends of PETA (and played at our 2020 40th anniversary virtual celebration) as well as reliable champions for animals. They have starred in multiple PETA Latino campaigns calling on fans to adopt animals and have them spayed or neutered, keep animal companions safe during natural disasters, and ditch fur.

20. Juan Pablo Di Pace

This Argentine actor and LGBTQIA+ heartthrob won the 2019 PETA Libby Award Brightest On-Screen Star for Animals. He once played Jesus and is, thankfully, also a savior for other species—he has called on his Fuller House fans to stay away from circuses that exploit animals.

Juan Pable Di Pace

21. Julio Torres

Julio Torres is a comedian, an actor, and an activist who hilariously incorporates his experiences as a vegan into his standup routines. The Salvadoran comic was featured as one of PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegan celebs of 2021.

22. Kate Del Castillo

Kate Del Castillo, the star of La Reina del SurIngobernable, and The 33, is a member of PETA’s honorary board of directors. The actor and activist has taken part in many PETA and PETA Latino campaigns, including these.

23. Lucía Méndez

Lucía Méndez is a soap opera star, a top model, a singer, and an angel for animals. She and her dog, Aura, starred in a beautiful ad to remind people that animal companions are members of the family.

24. Marco Antonio Regil

Marco Antonio Regil is a Mexican American TV host known as the face of popular game shows, including 100 Latinos Dijeron and Minuto Para Ganar.

Regil is vegan and the very first celebrity supporter of PETA Latino. He even helped us conceptualize, develop, and launch the program in its earliest days—just one of many reasons he was the recipient of PETA’s 2015 Humanitarian Award. He has starred in multiple videos calling on his fans to go vegan and also helped PETA garner media attention at a spay-a-thon event in Cancún, Mexico.

hispanic heritage month latine celebs partner with peta marco antonio regil

25. María Celeste Arrarás

In addition to hosting a show on CNN en Español, Maria Celeste Arrarás is a longtime staunch supporter of PETA and PETA Latino. She has spoken out against bullfights and circuses that exploit animals and was the winner of PETA’s 2001 Humanitarian Award.



26. Nicholas Gonzalez

This Texas-born Mexican American actor shares his home with two adorable adopted dogs. He is anti-fur and joined with PETA to encourage people to treat their dogs like their best friends.

nicholas gonzalez peta hispanic heritage month celebs

27. Oriana

Argentine singer, model, and actress Oriana’s beautiful ad reminds people that we are all animals and deserve the same consideration, regardless of what some humans think.

Ad of Oriana with a hen

28. Patricia De León

Actor, reality star, and Miss Panama 1995 Patricia De León helped launch PETA Latino and has starred in campaigns urging fans to go vegboycott bullfights, and be kind to animals. She even has her own line of cruelty-free lipstick.

Patricia de Leon, Naked Ambition

Patricia de Leon

29. Paulina Rubio

Legendary Mexican singer Paulina Rubio has a history of defending animals, asking her fans never to leave dogs in hot cars or give animals as holiday gifts.

30. Carmen Carrera

Model and actor Carmen Carrera is known for fearlessly using her platform to raise awareness of transgender and LGBTQIA+ issues. And making a bold statement of another sort, she bared all to draw attention to the suffering endured by animals who are caged and killed for their fur—and to encourage her followers to transform their wardrobes by going fur-free.

Carmen Carrera for PETA Ad

31. Roselyn Sánchez

Roselyn Sánchez was the first Latina celeb to take part in PETA’s iconic “rather go naked than wear fur” campaign.

roselyn sanchez for peta

32. Sie7e

Based in Puerto Rico, vegan singer-songwriter Sie7e is all about good vibes for humans and other animals.

hispanic heritage month celebs sie7e for peta latino

33. Sofía Sisniega

This Mexican American actor who stars in the hit shows Club de CuervosLa Casa de las Flores, and Aquí en la Tierra is 100% committed to ending animal exploitation. Sisniega has also starred in multiple PETA campaigns, including ads asking consumers to use cruelty-free makeup and personal-care products, calling on people to go vegan, and asking fans not to wear wool.

sofia sisniega peta naked ad

In addition, she’s led several PETA Latino protests in Mexico City, such as one asking Forever 21 to drop wool and another giving away vegan holiday roasts for Nochebuena.

34. Stephanie Sigman

Bond girl and star of Narcos and S.W.A.T. Stephanie Sigman is an angel for animals who promotes responsible dog adoption.

stephanie sigman PETA Latino

35. William Valdés

Cuban actor, singer, and television host William Valdés joined PETA Latino to share the naked truth behind the fur industry and spread the word that compassion is always in fashion.

Honor the Contributions of Latinos and Latinas This National Hispanic Heritage Month and All Year Round

When it comes to the huge contributions of the Latine community to the animal rights movement, this post only scratches the surface! If you learned something new about one of your favorite stars, be sure to share this page with your friends, family members, and social media followers. Encourage them to discover all the ways they can speak up for animals any day of the year.



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