Teen Pulls Out Dolphin From Water For Pic; Slammed After It


A US teen is facing backlash online for extracting a dolphin from the water to capture an Instagram photo, subsequently resulting in the death of the mammal.

The teenager, a 19-year-old who remains unnamed, shared an image on social media where he can be seen lifting the dolphin calf while smiling on Amelia Island, situated along the northeast coast of Florida.

Tragically, the juvenile dolphin was discovered lifeless in the same vicinity on Wednesday. This social media post triggered an investigation conducted jointly by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee (FWC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A photograph within the FWC report showcases the dolphin with bloating and mouth bleeding. Dr Quincy Gibson, an associate professor specialising in coastal and marine biology at UNF, explained that these signs are characteristic of the fish’s decomposition process.

Dr. Gibson remarked, “I believe it’s highly probable that its demise occurred after the photo was taken, but there exists a slight possibility that it was already deceased in recent times when it was lifted from the water.”

“Considering the information available, the photo, and the individual’s behaviour in the photo, it seems likely that they did catch the dolphin, and it might have been alive at that moment,” she further added.

Accused Teenager’s Defence

In the meantime, the teenager has chosen to defend his actions by asserting that the incident was unintentional. In response to critical comments, he argued that capturing the dolphin was a rare opportunity, referring to it as a “once in a lifetime” occurrence to catch a dolphin as a bycatch from the shoreline.

Nonetheless, this justification has been met with criticism from surfers and other social media users. One surfer named Beaugrand expressed his outrage, stating, “I was instantly angered. It’s a violation of nature.”

While it is considered illegal to interfere with wild dolphins, the teenager has yet to be charged with any wrongdoing. However, if charged and prosecuted, potential penalties could range up to approximately $34,000 in fines or criminal penalties, including a prison term of up to a year.

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