Texas Authorities Ignored Sixteen Animal Abuse Alerts Until


Authorities in Texas recently made a horrifying discovery: 12 dead horses and 24 dead dogs, all in various states of decay at a local property. This heartbreaking scene painted a bleak picture of the painful suffering these animals endured. To make matters worse, investigators discovered 16 calls to report animal cruelty or animal complaints have been placed since 2019. 

Given what we know now, the fact that this property wasn’t investigated sooner is outrageous. Why didn’t the Collin County Sheriff’s Office investigate these complaints sooner? They could have prevented dozens of innocent animal deaths. 

Sign the petition to demand Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis open an investigation into the county sheriff’s office’s lack of action!

Knowing these deaths could have been prevented makes the tragedy more painful. Dead dogs were found trapped in cages with no access to food or water. The deceased horses were found skeletonized to partially skeletonized with skin and fur, which means that their deaths were not recent. Inside the residence, the remains of many dogs were found, suggesting a prolonged period of neglect.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office claims to have a strict policy against animal cruelty and highlighted the seriousness with which they treat such incidents. So, why did they never respond to the 16 previous calls over the years regarding the abuse happening at this property?

Such heart-wrenching negligence cannot go unnoticed or unaddressed. District Attorney Greg Willis must  investigate the sheriff’s lack of action! Sign the petition if you believe in a safer future for all animals!

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