The Easy Dish You Should Be Making From Leftover Veggie


As much as we love a stir-fry made with leftover ingredients, that’s not the only dish that benefits from your half-empty veggie tray. With a little bit of creativity, you can conjure up equally delicious meals that transform your earthly little snacks into a full-fledged culinary masterpiece.

For a brunch dish, add the leftover vegetables into an egg mixture, then bake them into a vegetarian frittata or quiche. Feel free to add salt, pepper, shredded cheese, and herbs to the mixture, then serve it over a bed of lemon-kissed arugula.

While veggie platters are a tried-and-true party staple, nothing pleases a crowd like pizza. Smother a frozen pizza crust with garlicky red sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil, and top it off with your leftover vegetables, before baking it into an Italian-inspired garden of cheesy, saucy vegetables.

For something accessible and easy to make, take your leftover veggies and roll them into a hummus-brushed wrap for a light, refreshing meal that’s perfect for lunch. You can even dip your vegetable wrap in the leftover dressing from the platter. The next time you have a half-eaten vegetable platter, don’t throw it away. Instead, put your culinary creativity to the test and breathe a second life into your vegetables.

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