US Weather Forecast: At Least 100 Million People in Central


The latest weather forecast showed that at least 100 million Americans are under heat advisories in parts of Central U.S. due to challenging heat. Soaring temperatures can result in possible health risks and dry conditions.

Since August, Americans have experienced soaring temperatures in the following areas:

  • Southwestern U.S.
  • Northeast and Midwest.

The reports warned of increased fire risks due to dry conditions and strong winds.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Hilary occurred in Southern California that brought flooding concerns. In Florida, the weather agencies monitored the developing storms in the region.

Despite tropical storms, the heat conditions could continue in parts of Central and Southern US. Outdoor workers and older adults can be at risk of the hotter temperatures.

The report said 150 million people in the U.S. suffered from heat advisories, including at least 24 states.

Heat-related health risks in Central US

A stock photo of Austin, Texas on August 18, 2023.

(Photo : by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)
A stock photo of Austin, Texas on August 18, 2023. Challenging heat conditions are expected to unfold in parts of the Central U.S., causing heat advisories to millions of Americans. High temperatures could likely bring heat-related health risks

Above-average temperatures have battered the central U.S. since August. While relief is on the way, the heat could still become dangerous, especially in the morning.

According to reports, at least 100 million Americans in the Central U.S. are under heat advisories due to soaring temperatures, especially in parts of Dallas, Houston, Louisville, Oklahoma City, and Indianapolis.

The heat dome in the Central U.S. also brought troublesome temperatures in the region, causing hotter temperatures in the following areas:

  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Atlanta
  • Memphis
  • Little Rock
  • Kansas City
  • Spring Field
  • Omaha
  • Jacksonville.

Furthermore, NWS Seattle reported that a heat advisory is present this weekend. Excessive heat could likely result in possible heat stress or heat stroke. Homeowners should look for cooler areas and keep hydrated at all times.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service (NWS) advisory showed that the heat will return to parts of the Northwest and Desert Southwest. In contrast, cooler temperatures are likely in the Upper Midwest and Central Rockies.

Next week, parts of the Central portions could feel relief from hotter weather, especially in Jacksonville and Miami.

Developing heat conditions in Southern US

In the South, the heat dome could likely unleash a hotter weather outlook this weekend, especially in Birmingham, Little Rock and Oklahoma.

According to the latest forecast, the heat will continue this weekend in Dallas, Miami, Houston, Jacksonville, El Paso and Houston.

In parts of the Northeast, residents could expect cooler temperatures this weekend until Monday in the following areas:

  •  Montreal
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Detroit
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Columbus

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Staying safe from dangerous heat

The latest forecasts warned of dangerous heat this weekend and until early next week. Americans should keep updated with heat advisories and reports to prevent prolonged exposure to hot weather.

People should also consider wearing loose-fitting, lightweight clothes to ease the heat this weekend. Homeowners should avoid any strenuous outdoor activities, especially in the morning.

Furthermore, children and pets are also at risk. Car owners should not let them unattended inside hot vehicles.

Homeowners must regularly check their heating systems, especially for older adults and individuals with health risks.

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