Whale sightings in and near Wiscasset Harbor this week


A whale, no further details available, was being seen in the Sheepscot River in Wiscasset Thursday, Aug. 24. And Town Manager Dennis Simmons was among those who saw the mammal. He shared the attached video and photo with Wiscasset Newspaper.

Simmons said he saw the whale around 11:15 a.m.

Dee Dow of Westport Island shared photos and some information on sightings. Dow wrote in a comment on Wiscasset Newspaper’s Facebook post: “It was also spotted at the south end of Westport before swimming up the Sheepscot. It was also back at the south end the next day. And was seen on the west side of the island today (Aug. 24). According to Marine Mammals of Maine this is a humpback,” Dow added.

Thank you also to Channing Jones for an early morning image of a whale in Jewett Cove.

Send any photos or descriptions of today’s sightings to news@wiscassetnewspaper.com


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