Wild Elephant Finds Bag Of Drugs In Forest In


Watch: Wild Elephant Finds Bag Of Drugs In Forest In China

The police investigation is underway.

A wild Asian elephant found a 2.8-kilogram consignment of opium in Mengman township, South China’s Yunnan Province during a walk in the region, Strait Times reported. A video of it is circulating on the internet, it shows four wild elephants being moved away from a village when one elephant sniffed out a backpack that police later seized.

The video shows the mammal breaking away from the pack and sweeping the ground with its trunk before tossing up a bag of black bag. The police were already on the scene.

The police waited till the wild elephants had made their exit before inspecting the bag, the media outlet reported. The footage shows police opening the bag to find a tightly bound brick of opium, buried under layers of clothes.

The police investigation is underway.

See the video here:

The video of the wild elephant making a drug bust has amassed several reactions across social media platforms. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “From the studio that brought you Cocaine Bear, here comes Cocaine Elephant.”

“New sequel to Cocaine Bear, Opium Elephant,” joked another user.

“Elephants have got to be the brightest animals on the planet,” the third user wrote.

“That’s one badass elephant,” the fourth user wrote.

“A bad day at the office for them druggies,” the fifth user commented.

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