Wild elephant in a China forest digs out a bag of


Beijing: A wild elephant in China’s Yunnan Province helped police find a hidden bag of opium.

A footage showed a herd elephants moving through a forest trail when one of them stopped for a moment to sniff at something on the path.

The elephant swept the ground with its trunk and tossed up a bag.

The police were already on the scene when the bag was hurled at them.

Officials waited until the wild elephants had left the place before inspecting the bag, Strait Times reported.

Police were seen opening the bag only to find a brick of opium buried under clothes.

The elephant helped the police to find a 2.8-kilogram consignment of opium in the bag.

The police are working to get more details of the bag even as the social media is flooding with reactions to the elephant’s behaviour.

“Elephants have got to be the brightest animals on the planet,” one person commented, while another said, ‘A bad day at the office for them druggies’.

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