Wildlife Photographer Captures Insane Video Of Brown Bear


When it comes to nature, there really aren’t many creatures out there that can compete with a bear.

Honestly, the only creature that can compete with a fully mature bear is another bear.

With that being said, wild pictures have been released of a fully grown brown bear attacking a moose.

The pictures were taken captured and shared by wildlife photographer Bob Chadwick in Alaska, and he wrote in the caption:

“Bear v Moose. A full grown bear charged across shallow water and surprised this unsuspecting moose.”

Sure enough, the collage of photos shows the brown bear completely overtaken the much weaker moose, sending it almost completely submerged underwater.

However, Chadwick wasn’t the only one who witnessed and captured the wild scene, as fishing guide Sam Vassar shared a video of it as well.

He wrote in the caption:

“Got to witness a once in a lifetime occurrence this week up close and film the entire interaction — A brown bear stalking and killing a wild moose in Alaska.”

Needless to say, the photo collage and video perfectly captures the brutality of nature, and just how swift these bear attacks on prey can be.

That ol’ moose never stood a chance.

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