Sustainable Action Now is a fantastic non-profit organization that stands firm in its dedication to fighting for the welfare and protection of animals and wildlife.

It is commendable how much they care about the conservation of our planet and the creatures that inhabit it, ranging from concerns about the death penalty, gun safety laws, and advocating for endangered species such as dolphins, whales, lions, elephants, tigers, and bears. 

Their emphasis on the importance of actively working toward solutions for issues such as modern-day slavery in prisons and private prisons is inspiring, and we must thank them for their relentless efforts.

Racing Extinction

The Planet

Racing Extinction exposes wildlife crimes to protect all animal life from mass extinction. Our planet’s life support systems are showing signs of failure, and we must not delay. Protect The Planet. Save our Oceans & Planet.

Corporate Responsibility

This documentary begins with an unusual detail that came from the 14th Amendment: Under constitutional law, corporations are seen as individuals. So, filmmaker Mark Achbar asks, what type of person would a corporation be? The evidence, according to such political activists as Noam Chomsky and filmmaker Michael Moore and company heads like carpet magnate Ray Anderson, points to a bad one, as the film aims to expose IBM’s Nazi ties and these large businesses’ exploitation of human rights.

Rescue Network

The San Rescue Network is directly associated with multiple rescue networks such as PETA, Animals Asia, Four Paws, Hope for Paws, Flying Fur, and Wildlife Aid.

These partnerships allow them to make a significant impact in areas that need it the most.

We cannot emphasize enough how much of a difference they are making in addressing these critical issues.

The House Judiciary Committee voted to advance Congressman Adam Schiff’s (D-Burbank) Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act, clearing the way for a vote on the House floor. Along with yesterday’s markup of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2021, this represents one of the most significant congressional acts in a decade on two of gun safety advocates’ top legislative priorities.

Click here to read the full bill text, and click here for a fact sheet.

Ever since 2005, or since the ‘Mother of all Gun Laws’ was enacted here in the United States, the numbers of death with guns and bullets, along with mass shootings have incresaed dramatically and astoundingly. 

There are hundreds of mass shootings in the United States every year where people are shot with guns and bullets in random and unnecessary ways. 

If no one is accountable or liable to whom they sell guns and bullets to, who is to stop these people that carry out such weak acts of violence?

Overall, if anyone needs a gun and bullet to do its dirty work, its weak because after all, someone needs the gun and bullet to do its dirty work.

It is very much implied that anyone that needs guns and bullets to fights its battles, are weak people.

After all, they need that gun and bullet.

“Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. [It is] not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

Private Prisons

Base Value on Occupants

Private Prisons bse its overall value on how many occupants are housed in that private prisons. 

Private prisons trade on Wall Street and that value is based on how many occupants are in the private prisons.

The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure and why the Drug War has become such a big failure.

The Lasting Legacy of Parchman Prison, Prisons Modeled After a Slave Plantation.

The DNA era has given us irrefutable proof that our criminal justice system sentences innocent people to die. Evidence we once thought reliable like eyewitness identification is not always accurate. DNA evidence has led to hundreds of exonerations, but it isn’t available in most cases. Despite our best intentions, human beings simply can’t be right 100% of the time. And when a life is on the line, one mistake is one too many.