Rescue Bear ‘Jingle’ Plush Toy Bear with T-Shirt


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Created to put ear-to-ear smiles on any child, these stuffed animals come with a playful attitude and customizable tees. Each plushie is 8″ tall, features polyester and plastic pellet stuffing, while their tees are 100% cotton. Perfect for ages 3+. 



Stuck up a tree on a freezing cold evening in 2009, Jingle was luckily not too far away from our rescue centre in Chengdu. After a dramatic rescue, she was taken safely home – a tiny, undernourished cub. Missing her right front paw, probably a result of being snared in the wild, we believe she either escaped a farm or while being transported to one. She has grown into a happy, playful and sociable bear who loves the company of the other bears and can often be found playing in the enclosure or lying in the soft grass under the sun. Best recognised by her big Mickey Mouse ears.

.: Toy: Cotton and polyester blend
.: Stuffing: Polyester fiber and plastic pellets
.: T-shirt: 100% Cotton
.: Sewn-in label
.: For ages 3+

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