Rescue Bear ‘Peter’ Plush Toy Bear with T-Shirt


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This symbolic stuffed toy represents our fight against all animal and wildlife abuse and for their welfare!

100% of all Profits of any sales from this site after Cost of Goods Sold, the Packaging Cost and the Shipping Fee, are given direct to Animals Asia and each bear commemorates the most iconic bears that Animals Asia has cared for at its award-winning sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.

Be a part of that organization that helps close all Bear Bile Farms.

All profits are issued to Animals Asia. Learn more about this issue and use this a way to be a part of any successes and most of all, meet your Bear:



One of our newly rescued bears, Peter had been locked for years in one of the smallest cages we’ve ever seen. Shy and anxious as a result, Peter is gradually settling into his new home in Chengdu and becoming calmer with every day that passes. Named after UK actor Peter Egan, our Peter bear is bright, curious and bravely embracing his new life as a happy, active bear.

.: One-sided print

.: Sewn-in tag on left legde

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