Vegetarian diet: High protein breakfast recipes for weight loss

Whether you’re looking to shed some kilos, or are trying to build your muscles, protein-rich foods are essential. It is what helps you recover from the daily wear and tear of muscles and gain muscle strength. Furthermore, a protein-rich diet keeps you high on energy and fights fatigue.

If you’re a non-vegetarian, you have a huge array of protein-rich food sources to choose from. However, for vegetarians, the options may seem a little limited. Limited but not impossible.

That said, here are some high protein vegetarian breakfast recipes to start your day with. These are delicious, scrumptious and nutritious!

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2 cheetah cubs born in Touran Wildlife Refuge

Cheetahs often give birth in early spring at Touran Wildlife Refuge because the air temperature and other natural conditions are suitable for the growth of cubs, but cheetahs giving birth in the second half of autumn is a rare phenomenon.

The Asiatic cheetah is a critically endangered cheetah subspecies currently only surviving in Iran. 

Less than 20 cheetahs have so far been spotted in the main cheetah habitats in Iran, mainly Semnan, Kerman, Yazd, Razavi Khorasan, North Khorasan, and South Khorasan provinces.


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Former Talbot Co. Public Schools Safety Supervisor Gets 90 Days for Bringing Loaded Gun to School | Latest News

EASTON, Md.- The former safety and security supervisor for Talbot County Public Schools has been sentenced to 90 days behind bars following his conviction of reckless endangerment for bringing a loaded handgun to Easton High School in December of last year.

Donald L. Cooper appeared in Talbot County Circuit Court on Nov. 29, where he entered an Alford plea to reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to five years in jail with all but 90 days suspended. 

Court documents show that on Dec. 8, 2021, when Cooper was employed as a full-time safety and security supervisor for TCPS, police responded to the school at around 7:46 a.m. for a report of a threat of mass violence. 

The threat turned out to be not credible but while events were unfolding, Talbot County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Samuel Faggert said Cooper was seen dropping a black handgun in front of the school and then turning around and picking it up.

Cooper reportedly attempted to go back inside the school with the handgun was not let him back in. 

While Cooper had a valid wear and carry permit, his permit did not allow him to bring it onto school grounds. 

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Royal Bengal Tiger spotted in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary near entry gate

Bargarh/Sambalpur: After a gap of nearly five years, the presence of a Royal Bengal Tiger was captured in a mobile camera on December 1, 2022 during day hours at Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary near its entry gate in Bargarh district, a senior forest official said today.

The Big Cat (a population of the Panthera tigris tigris subspecies and called as Mahabala Bagha in local parlance) was spotted amid forest staff, safari vehicles and tourists when it was crossing the road.

“Since 2018, no tiger was spotted inside Debrigarh sanctuary. This tiger appears to be a male sub-adult in the dispersal stage. It might stay in Debrigarh sanctuary or may also search its territory in a nearby landscape. It is a huge task now to protect and monitor the Big Cat inside our domain and with utmost sincerity, we are on our job. We are working in tandem with local police and public representatives too and in case of any untoward situation immediately we will control it without doubt,” DFO of Hirakud Wildlife Division and Debrigarh Sanctuary Miss Anshu Pragyan Das asserted.

“On the evening of 1st December 2022 at around 5 pm the tiger was seen while entering the wildlife sanctuary through its entry point. It walked on a forest road for some time without any fear and disturbance, before entering the forest. It also gave a photographic pose to safari vehicles for around 5 to 10 minutes staring at the patrolling unit of sanctuary and safari vehicles about 100 meters away from them,” the senior forest official stated.

According to the official source, Debrigarh has a healthy herbivore density and it is a potential tiger habitat. Prey density is more than 30 per square kilometer in the sanctuary. Among suitable prey of tiger, the Sambar population is the highest and spotted deer, wild boar are quite healthy in density.

Sambar and spotted deer are usually found moving freely and alone these days across the Hirakud Dam reservoir side area of Debrigarh sanctuary may be because of the rutting season (relating to the period of the year during which particular male animals are sexually active).

“After the entry of the tiger, Debrigarh sanctuary authorities have geared up the Tiger Monitoring process. Patrolling units are on job in the periphery of Sanctuary and its nearby villages and intelligence activities have been intensified. Two Tiger Monitoring units have been formed, of which one is in service inside Sanctuary and another is at Hirakud Division of Sambalpur district. Twelve patrolling troops supported with patrolling app are moving inside the sanctuary day and night,” the official expressed.

“Any civilian seen inside the Sanctuary will be arrested as entry into it is a non-bailable offence. Mobiles and locations of all suspected poachers of Bargarh, Sambalpur and the nearby districts, poachers in villages around Debrigarh, livestock grazers, shopkeepers in the suspect list etc are under surveillance by the wildlife division. More than 100 camera traps are installed throughout the Sanctuary. Metal detectors are being used to scan the vulnerable zones,” the senior official added.

It is pertinent to mention, last year under Hirakud Wildlife Division, 400 families (more than 1,000 population) from four villages including Kurumkel, Rengali, Bhutuli and Lambipali were relocated from the Sanctuary to outside creating more than 500 hectares of inviolate space for movement and predation of Wildlife.

Development of grassland over 500 hectares is under progress now. Hence the Sanctuary is now completely free from biotic disturbance.

All VHF stations are too functional and all staff have walkie-talkies. The vast Hirakud reservoir is the lifeline of Debrigarh Sanctuary and the congregation of wildlife is more in the amphi-terrestrial zone/overlapping zone between Sanctuary and the reservoir.

Patrolling by boat is also done day and night in order to prevent entry from the waterside. Around 200 hectares of Ipomoea weed has also been cleared in this area facilitating the movement of prey base to the waterfront.

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Sandhill crane migration turns Indiana wildlife area into famous birding site |

MEDARYVILLE — Sally Arroyo isn’t a stranger to sandhill cranes. The 4-foot-tall birds sometimes stop right near her house in Homer Glen, Illinois, where they nibble on the leftover corn at a farm across the street.

“They land in our neighborhood, and they’ll walk right down the sidewalk,” she said.

But on a recent weekday evening in November, Arroyo saw more than just a few solitary cranes out for a stroll. After an 80-mile drive, she witnessed thousands upon thousands glide into the marshes and open fields at Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area just north of Madaryville.

For decades, massive flocks of the long-necked, thin-legged birds have made the Indiana marsh their primary stop-over location while migrating from their nesting spots in the northern U.S. to sunny Florida and Georgia.

This year, their numbers peaked at nearly 32,000 on a single day at the park in November, which is the largest migratory population east of the Mississippi River, according to Nick Echterling, the Jasper-Pulaski property manager with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

“Seeing flocks like that, it’s pretty impressive,” he said.

The cranes usually start arriving in smaller numbers in late September. By the end of November, they can be seen in just about every field within a mile of the wildlife area, where they spend the day eating leftover grain. Most have left the park by late December.

The real spectacle comes around sunset, when the birds head back to the park’s 500 acres of protected, fenced-off property to hang out before roosting knee-deep in the water-filled marshland at night. It’s the same scene at sunrise, when the birds fly out for a day of foraging.


Sandhill Cranes 01.jpg

Sandhill cranes’ fall migration near Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area on Nov. 29, 2022.

On a cloudy evening in November, immense flocks filled the sky about an hour before sunset. Each crane used its 5-foot wingspan to steadily and gracefully descend and land like a Boeing 747 heading toward a runway. Once on the ground, they again congregate in large groups.

“They’re gregarious birds,” Echterling said. “They like being together.”

As more arrived in the fields at the park, their distinct, trumpeting coo filled the air and could be heard even as they remained too far away to see.

Some performed their iconic dance ritual, bowing their heads emblazoned with a bright read patch and then jumping into the air, sometimes even throwing bits of twigs behind them.

As the birds arrived in droves that evening, so did the humans.

Sandhill Cranes 06.jpg

People gather at the observation viewpoint at Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area to view the sandhill cranes’ fall migration Nov. 29, 2022.

Dozens of spectators armed with cameras and binoculars stood on a large observation deck overlooking the open fields to experience the hypnotizing vision of thousands of cranes spinning and swirling together in the sky.

One man traveled all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to watch, and others from as far away as Utah and Maine made the trek earlier in November, Echterling noted.

Nancy Wolf from Grand Rapids, Michigan, stood on the observation deck to witness the scene. She drove nearly three hours with nine of her friends, all amateur birders, to spend the day at the wildlife area. The trip was totally worth it, she said.

“How often do you see thousands and thousands and thousands of birds at one time?” Wolf said. “Not often, so this is pretty cool.”


When the wildlife area was founded in 1939, it was rare to see even one sandhill crane. By then, the Grand Kankakee Marsh, the nation’s largest wetland that once made up northwest Indiana and attracted hundreds of thousands of birds, had all been drained and turned into farm ground.

Sandhill Cranes 07.jpg

Sandhill cranes’ fall migration at Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area on Nov. 29, 2022.

As marshes around the nation disappeared, so did the sandhill cranes. At one point, only about 300 breeding pairs were left, leading the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to classify the birds as a threatened species.

But as environmental groups and state governments invested in restoring wetlands, the crane population made a quick recovery.

In the 1950s, fewer than a thousand birds were counted at Jasper-Pulaski. The DNR continued to restore and build up the park’s marshes, and by the 1980s, large flocks again stopped there on the migration south. The numbers have grown ever since, Echterling explained.

“It’s a really good conservation success story,” he said.

The federal government removed the cranes from the threatened list in 1973, but the Indiana DNR later reclassified them as a threatened species to continue to aid in their rehabilitation.

The crane population is so large now that the birds have started to explore other wildlife areas around the state, including DNR-managed sites in Greene, Jackson, Gibson and Pike counties in southern Indiana.

But for now, the more than 8,100 acres in Jasper-Pulaski remain the preeminent viewing site in Indiana for what has become one of the most impressive birding comeback stories in the United States.

And that story will keep birding enthusiasts coming back in droves, Echterling assured, just like the sandhill cranes.

“For whatever reason, cranes just really seem to grab people’s attention,” he said. “I don’t know why. But it’s a bird that they kind of relate to and just find fascinating.”

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Pumpkins still a snack for wildlife out and about like deer and foxes | Lehigh Valley Nature Watch

The first day of December was sunny but cold and windy. It would probably have been a good day to see eagles at local hawk watches but most of them, like the Scotts Mountain site, are now finished for the season. Hawk Mountain, however, normally goes until Dec. 15.

On my last Monday at Merrill Creek where the Scotts Mountain count takes place one of the bald eagles that nest there carried a stick across the water to the nest. In this part of the country bald eagles produce eggs as early as mid-February. And they often begin building new nests or repairing old ones as soon as the weather gets cold.

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Louisiana man held on $24M bond for child porn, animal abuse charges, City Council Votes To Ban Animal Testing in the City, Dolphin calmly waits as man frees it from an entangled mass of nylon rope and more at Sustainable Action Now!



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Mum reveals she’s furious after her vegetarian son ate meat at a friend’s birthday party

BEING vegetarian is a choice people make for a variety of different reasons including health, religion, climate change, and their own personal beliefs.

And one mum was left reeling after she found out her vegetarian son ate a meat pie at a friend’s birthday party.

She was furious when she found out her son had eaten meat at a birthday party


She was furious when she found out her son had eaten meat at a birthday partyCredit: Alamy

Once she had heard about her son tucking into the meat pie, she called up the mother of the birthday book seeking answers.

That mother, 39, took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong for letting the boy have the meat pie.

She explained that prior to the party she asked parents if their children had any food allergies.

Only one mum got back to her, saying her son Alex was vegetarian.

So for the party, the mum provided plenty of vegetarian options for Alex to eat.

But while she was taking more food out to the table she spotted Alex tucking into the meat pie.

She explained: “I didn’t want to embarrass the boy in front of his friends by taking it off him so I just let him eat. He didn’t seem to mind or notice that it was meat.

“Anyway he must’ve told his mum what he had eaten as she called me up the following day and got angry that I served meat options at the party.

“I said my son loves pies so I wasn’t going to omit them from the menu just because her son was attending. And I presumed her son knew what he could and couldn’t eat. A few more choice words and she hung up.

“I spoke to my son about Alex’s vegetarianism to see how strict his diet is but my son didn’t even realise Alex was vegetarian so I’m wondering if Alex knows he is vegetarian?”

In the Reddit post, the anonymous mum later added in the post: “yes I announced what each food was when I put it on the table.

“And I said ‘meat pies’. I had 4 other dishes which were all vegetarian! I honestly thought this would have been sufficient.

“The boys have been on school camps and all so I assumed Alex was equipped with the necessary knowledge about his diet.”

The mum said she discussed the situation with her sister who thought she was in the wrong to let Alex eat the pie.

However, plenty of people on Reddit disagreed with her sister.

One person wrote: “He’s old enough to know what he wants to eat. His mother can rack off. Don’t worry about it.”

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A second commented: “Alex isn’t vegetarian, his mother is just withholding meat from him.”

And a third penned: “She may want him to be a vegetarian but he may feel the opposite.”

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Louisiana man held on $24M bond for child porn, animal abuse charges

BOSSIER PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — The charges have been updated for the Bossier City man arrested for distributing child pornography on Tuesday.

According to the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, the charges against 18-year-old Jacob Cade Robinson have been updated from one count of distributing child pornography to 2,400 counts of possession of child pornography and three counts of possession of videos depicting sexual abuse of an animal.

Detectives found 2,400 images on his device and 352 of the images were identified as child pornography victims ranging in age from infants to prepubescent juveniles.

Robinson was arrested Tuesday at his place of business and is booked in Bossier Maximum security facility on a $24,030,000 bond.

The investigation is ongoing.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding crimes against children to contact the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-965-2203.

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City Council Votes To Ban Animal Testing in the City – Everett Independent

By an 8-2 margin, the Everett City Council voted to ban animal testing in the city at its meeting Monday night.

Councillor Stephanie Martins, one of the co- sponsors of the ordinance along with Councillors Al Lattanzi, Darren Costa, Wayne Matewsky, and Vivian Nguyen, opened the discussion, stating that “the ordinance is very simple and defines what an animal is, what a research facility is, and what an experiment is.”

“And that we don’t want any testing of animals in the City of Everett.”

Martins said the ordinance was written at the request of many Everett residents who had reached out to the Council to say, “no testing of any animal whatsoever.”

Martins said she was willing to adopt the concern of one of her colleagues and remove the description of a research facility from the ordinance.

Councilor Michael Marchese offered that Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his office, and the Community Development Department should speak on the issue before any vote is taken.

“I just can’t vote for it,” said Marchese. “This thing should go to the Mayor’s office and they should say, “it’s not going to hurt the deal – and you got me. We have a billion dollars worth of development that we’re just saying no to.”

Councilor-at-Large Stephanie Smith also suggested that the matter be referred to the Mayor’s office, but ultimately rescinded her motion to do that.

Councilors Smith and Marchese voted against the ordinance. Councilors Irene Cardillo, John Hanlon, and Richard Dell Isola joined the co-sponsors of the ordinance in voting to ban animal testing in the city.

Rogers, PETA praise

City Council for its vote

Everett resident Katy Rogers, who was instrumental in bringing the animal-testing ban issue into the spotlight and spoke at Council meetings in favor of its passage, praised the Council for its vote.

“I am extremely proud of the City Council for their stance on keeping Everett a cruelty-free community,” said Rogers. “With modern alternatives, Everett has ample opportunity to embrace a future in sciences that do not include animal testing.”

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) issued a statement from its neuroscientist, Dr. Emily Trunnell, regarding the City Council’s vote to ban animal testing laboratories in the city. Following is that statement:

“PETA congratulates Stephanie Martins, the other members of the city council, and the residents of Everett for banning all experiments on animals in their community. No doubt, many localities will follow the city’s progressive lead by voting to keep the oppression and cruelty of animal laboratories out of their areas. As PETA scientists’ Research Modernization Deal shows, experiments on animals are failing to help humans and can be replaced right now with human-relevant methods. Modern, animal-free science is kinder, safer, and far more effective.”

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