Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series, Part 2, I’m Not A Trinket

The second episode of WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime series highlights the impact on elephants. Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed each year for the illegal ivory trade. Follow our video series on World Wildlife Fund’s YouTube channel by subscribing now and using the hashtag #StopWildlifeCrime while you watch.

Asian and African elephants are being slaughtered to meet consumer demand. In almost all cases of elephant poaching, the elephant is shot and has its ivory tusks hacked out with machetes or a chain saw. Ivory comes from a living animal that suffered enormously before dying—all for the sake of an elephant figurine, an ivory trinket, or a souvenir. Wildlife crime is dead serious.

This low-risk, high-profit crime threatens some of the world’s best-loved species and the rangers that protect them. WWF needs your help to make a difference. Please view and share to spread awareness.

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