2024 Gun Law Rankings

Everytown for Gun Safety has unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 Gun Law Rankings, shedding light on the state of gun safety legislation across America. This comprehensive assessment ranks all 50 states based on the strength of their gun laws, highlighting both progress and setbacks in the realm of firearm regulation.

Impactful Findings in the latest rankings reveal compelling insights into the correlation between gun laws and gun violence rates. According to Everytown’s analysis, states with robust gun safety policies experience significantly lower rates of gun deaths. If all states matched the standards of the leading eight states in gun safety, Everytown estimates that 298,000 lives could be saved over the next decade.

State Highlights include, Michigan and Minnesota emerge as standout examples of progress in 2024. Both states, under newly elected gun-sense trifectas, bolstered their rankings through the enactment of comprehensive legislation. Michigan’s improvements, including strengthened background checks and protections against domestic violence, elevated its ranking from 24th to 20th. Similarly, Minnesota enhanced its standing with the implementation of background checks and Extreme Risk laws.

Conversely, Florida experienced a decline in its ranking due to the passage of permitless carry legislation, allowing concealed handguns in public without permits or background checks. Other states like Nebraska, North Carolina, and Arkansas also saw diminished rankings following legislative actions that weakened existing gun safety measures.

Nationwide Trends include Illinois stands out as a beacon of progress, ascending to the 3rd rank nationally after enacting historic gun safety legislation. This includes stringent background checks and an assault weapons ban, showcasing the state’s commitment to reducing gun violence through legislative action.

Everytown for Gun Safety remains steadfast in advocating for evidence-based gun safety policies across the United States. By providing accessible data through initiatives like the Gun Law Rankings, Everytown empowers legislators and communities to enact meaningful change in the fight against gun violence.

The release of the 2024 Gun Law Rankings underscores the critical role of legislation in safeguarding communities from gun violence. Everytown’s comprehensive assessment not only highlights state-by-state advancements but also underscores the urgent need for unified action to adopt proven gun safety measures nationwide. As the conversation around gun laws continues to evolve, Everytown for Gun Safety remains at the forefront, leveraging research and advocacy to build safer communities for all Americans.

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